Community Health Ventures’ ViP Program teams with Benco Dental

Benco Dental today announces that beginning September 1, 2016, it is being recognized as the preferred full line dental distributor of the National Association of Community Health Centers’ (NACHC) business affiliate, Community Health Ventures (CHV), specifically for the Value in Purchasing (ViP) Program.  The ViP Program facilitates costs savings for health centers on products used for and by health centers.

“I can’t share with the Benco family enough how excited I am about partnering with such an outstanding organization as the CHV ViP Program. This national partnership, specific to the Community Health Center (CHC) movement, creates an amazing platform for us to continue to grow the business,” said John Lamb, Director, Community Health Center Development for the nation’s fastest-growing distributor of dental products and equipment, Benco Dental.

Lamb (shown above, center) met with Community Health Ventures, Inc. Director of Marketing Hugo Cubias, (above, left), and Community Health Ventures, Inc. Senior Vice President Danny Hawkins (above, right) during the NACHC 2016 Community Health Institute and Expo at Hyatt Regency Chicago.

“For over 52 years, Community Health Centers have been providing primary and dental health care to our nation’s most vulnerable populations. Today, CHCs provide health care to over 24 million under and uninsured patients. Benco is proud to be a part of this amazing movement and to be supporting these dental services through the ViP program,” he added.

In 2015, CHV’s ViP Program – a group purchasing program designed for CHCs to secure savings for an array of  health care products and services including medical, dental, office, furniture, and equipment – exceeded $100 million in medical and dental supply sales. These sales represent more than $23 million in savings that have been channeled back into the healthcare system.

Benco Dental is a Corporate Member of NACHC, which enables the largest privately owned dental distributor in the country to support events such as National Health Center Week, August 7 -13, 2016, with the theme of Celebrating America’s Health Centers: Innovators in Community Health.

Partnering with a movement such as the National Association of Community Health Centers aligns perfectly with our company vision of giving back to the communities where we live and work,” said Chuck Cohen, Benco Dental Managing Director. “By participating in the Benco CHV/ViP program, health centers will further support NACHC in continuing to do the great work that it does on behalf of health centers on a daily basis.”

“In Benco, ViP now offers a true national dental program that pairs discounts on dental sundries and equipment with a world class service model,” says Danny Hawkins, Community Health Ventures’ Senior Vice President.  “We couldn’t be happier that our CHC market has chosen this partnership and that it’s already providing benefit to health centers nationally.”

To learn more about the National Association of Community Health Centers, visit: To learn more about Community Health Ventures and its innovative programs like the Value In Purchasing (ViP) program, visit

For more information about Benco Dental, the dental distribution company founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, which has remained family-owned and focused on its unique mission to “deliver success, smile after smile,” visit or call 1.800.GO.BENCO.

How does your dental practice score against the ideal?

Have you ever asked yourself… what could we be doing better to improve productivity?

Transitions Group North America offers designed a scorecard tool designed for dentists and their practice teams to discover their productivity levels for success.

The TGNA Dental Practice ScoreTM – a complimentary review — helps you assess the following:

  • Your Decision Making
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  • The gaps you can close for enhancing productivity for success

What improvements can you make to be more successful at your dental practice?

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How Poland will make history in 10 days.

It’s not through the creation of The Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously brushing their teeth. (Though, that record-breaking event in Poland was once attended­ by over 250,000 pre-schoolers!)

In September, for the first time, FDI World Dental Federation will present its Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) in the 6th most populous member of the European Union.

Between September 7 and 10, Poznan, the capital of Wielkopolska (one of the provinces of Poland) will serve as host city. Two interconnected, but distinct events: International Congress with a first-rate scientific program, and the annual assembly of the World Dental Parliament, will take place.

According to Dr. Patrick Hescot, FDI President, Poland is an excellent choice because, “with a resilient economy, demand for dental services is growing rapidly, with growth in the private dental sector estimated between 20 and 30% per year.”


Honorata Shaw


Bartłomiej W. Loster

In a welcome message Bartłomiej W. Loster, President of Polish Dental Society and Honorata Shaw Chair of International Cooperation for the organization discussed the event location:

“The city of Poznań was chosen to host the 2016 FDI Congress not only for its experience in organizing numerous international meetings for more than a century but also for its charm and hospitality. Situated in the centre of the country it has a lively business, industrial and academic life with 120,000 students, making up one fifth of the city’s population.”

New this year at the AWDC:

Plenty of reasons to smile, or show some Zęby (pronunced Zemby), the Polish word for teeth.

View all the details at:


Is your dental practice your castle? Give it the respect it deserves.

Enter your dental practice into the 2017 Incisal Edge Design Competition, as sponsored by Herman Miller, before the Sept. 9 deadline and let this castle’s owner (shown) be the judge.

David Bishop, DDS, will be among members of the juried panel from the dental and architectural worlds who will select America’s most striking practices. Each judge performs a comprehensive review of submissions, including practice photos and floor plans, along with explanations of how each attains a functional balance of design, operation, and technology.  Meet the blue ribbon panel of judges:


Dr. Bishop received his doctorate of dental surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio Dental School. While pursuing his education, he worked summers constructing houses with his uncle in Missouri, and later used these skills – along with his father’s assistance – to design and build from the ground up his dental office on Greenville Avenue in Allen, Texas. At The Dentist of Allen, which earned an Incisal Edge Design Award in 2014, the accomplished woodworker joined, cut, pegged, and constructed by hand (from 54,000 pounds of rough cut cypress; no metal whatsoever) the timber frame that can be viewed in the reception area.

Read more about Dr. Bishop’s award winning practice design, created in homage to a 12thcentury medieval castle in Germany, in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine:

Now, how does your practice become an award winner?

First, you have to enter. Select a few photos that best represent your daily dental home and then share them, along with a few details, at:

Don’t worry if your photos aren’t perfect. A professional photo session for your practice is just one of the prizes you’ll be entering to win.

WinnersIncisalEdge_2017DesignContest will be awarded prizes in each of the contest’s three categories: new construction, repurposed practice and specialty practice. Three existing dental practices – one winner from each category- will receive:

* an Aeron Chair (shown) valued at $3,000 provided by competition sponsor Herman Miller,

  • a profile in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine’s Winter issue, and
  • bragging rights for eternity.
  • a professional photo session for their practice.

    For contest specifics, visit:, an entry point created for ease of use, where previous year’s winners provide motivation, and detailed instructions offer helpful tips.

Don’t wait, contest deadline is less than two weeks away!



How Great White’s teeth will make you a sexy robot.

Maybe you can’t have it all, but three designers from 4B collective recently shared with Business Insider a wish list to make the human body more high functioning – futuristic robot -style.

“Though we may possess the power of digestion and wound repair, the designers — Yvonne Lin, Whitney Hopkins, and Dan Formosa — point out that our skin is barely stronger than wax paper and our orifices are constantly leaking.”

As experts in the world of dentition, you’re intimately familiar with the strong suits and shortcomings. See if your opinion aligns with the group’s suggestions for Teeth 2.0.


“Great white sharks live roughly as long as humans, but their teeth are much better equipped to withstand the wear and tear. They regenerate multiple times, while humans only get one set of teeth that must last them into old age.

For instance, between 15% and 30% of adults over 65 have no remaining teeth, making chewing and speaking much harder.

The upgrade: Teeth that regenerate as the current set begins to lose its luster.”

View the trio’s proposals for the rest of the body (Spoiler alert: Body parts like the appendix, tonsils, and male nipples get the boot.):