A life ‘transformed’

  Most people can’t imagine not being able to enjoy their favorite meal again. Or wearing a surgical mask just to be in the company of others. Since 1998 when he underwent surgery and radiation therapy to treat a cancerous lump on his tongue, such was life for Mr. Shirley Anderson, according to an interview […]

The view from Electric Avenue.

You’ve disposed of the outmoded tech in your operatories for dental tools shiny and new. Is it also finally time to bid the gas pump adieu? Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine’s automotive writer Jonathon Ramsey offers an insider perspective on three vehicles of the non-combustion variety: “After all these years, the harvest of electric vehicles and […]

Does your dentist rock? Kids in the Philly burbs say yes.

Paint with a Twist. Wear an Ugly Sweater. Guess the Number of Dog Bones/Turkey Feathers/Holiday-Inspired Items in the Jar. Pick Your Plaque (Away). Remain Cavity-Free. In the suburbs of Philadelphia, at North Penn Pediatric Dental Associates, LLC, the goal of engaging young patients comes second only to providing optimum oral health care. What began with the inspiration of Dr. Richard Galeone […]

18 products earn ‘Best of Class’ for technology

Launched eight years ago, the Best of Class Technology Awards recognize innovative dental products that, according to their creator Dr. Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, “set a quality standard in their respective categories.” How does an innovation earn the designation? Individually, panel members spend countless hours each year researching practice-changing technologies, according to cellerantconsulting.com. Afterward, at every Chicago […]

Total recall: First Impressions shares Benco’s ‘bolder, brighter’ vision

In its June edition, a publication with the sole focus of making dental distribution sales reps better, offers an insider’s view of one company’s efforts to do the same. First Impressions Magazine takes a guided tour through the four-day experience that was the Benco Sales Forum. Hosted in early March by the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor – […]

Flossing: It all comes down to the ‘why’.

Nearly one-third of American adults never floss, according to a recent study. Author Dr. Duong Nguyen, an epidemic intelligence service officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suggested to CNN.com that one reason for the lack of flossing may be a lack of knowledge. “I think it’s one of those things people don’t know enough about,” Nguyen […]