Benco: Where dentistry meets dog rescue.

Known for its company motto,”We deliver success smile after smile®” Benco Dental normally goes beyond bringing satisfaction to oral health care professionals with its support for the communities and families it serves. Its latest endeavor is no exception. Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated team of Benco Dental interns, nonprofit organizations across the nation will smile as well. […]

Brothers, dentists, heroes.

Q. What do you get when an orthodontist and endodontist take a leisurely stroll on the beach? A. Heroic behavior. The riddle has a happy ending because twin brothers Steven and Stuart Frost from Mesa, Arizona, were vacationing with their nephew Jesse Martin in Newport Beach, California and not afraid to help a stranger in need. According to a […]

Why Four Walls Can Make or Break Your Dental Practice.

  If this topic sparks your creative thought process, perhaps a meeting with Tristan Hamilton, DDS, M. Arch., should earn a slot onto your calendar. This innovator in the field of dental office design will serve as keynote presenter at dentistry’s leading office design program. (A serpentine chalkboard wall depicting the Wilmington waterfront, above, shows the artistic talent Dr. Hamilton utilized […]

Shade guide and phone case in one?

Only if you’re aiming for the coffee-stained corpse hue. They may deviate *just slightly* from the shimmering white smiles created by most dental professionals, but the mouth monstrosities handcrafted by dental tech  Morgan Loebel are nothing less perfection. The Kansas artist painstakingly personifies phone cases with “hyper-realistic re-creations of crooked, sharp teeth,” according to It must be […]

Find out how one chair started a ‘revolution’. (And how your dental practice design can do the same.)

Herman Miller, a recognized innovator in contemporary interior furnishings, posed a bold challenge to designers and they started a “revolution in ergonomics” — the Aeron Chair. Today, they unite with Incisal Edge, the nation’s only dental lifestyle magazine, to invite dentists, architects and interior designers to share their own revolutionary work and reap the benefits. The 2017 Incisal Edge […]

Don’t fear the pineapple.

Long recognized as a symbol of hospitality, this sweet yellow delight does not always play the role of a good houseguest in the mouth. For some, the act of eating fresh pineapple causes a burning sensation to the mouth, lips and tongue. A recent report by Rose Gerber for shed some light on the subject. According to Gerber: “Pineapple is the only food […]

Is your cold sterilant exposing you to an unnecessary risk?

At your practice, if you’re disinfecting heat sensitive dental equipment with glutaraldehyde, this is the case. It can harmfully affect providers and patients with occupational asthma, contact dermatitis and allergic reactions, in addition to fixing proteins to instruments and acting as a toxic agent to aquatic organisms in the environment if not disposed of properly. Another cold sterilant, which uses […]