Honey, I shrunk the bacteria.

Guaranteed that’s not a quote you’ll hear from Benco Dental MarComm Manager Rachel Pugh. In a recent installment of SciShow, Honey: Bacteria’s Worst Enemy, host Hank Green explained why some hospitals harness (purified and standardized) honey’s powers for good. Meanwhile, one dental industry marketer would prefer a bunch of honeymakers vacate her home. “I can hear them if I put my ear to […]

Pokémon Go(es) to the dentist? Not quite, but in the future, anything is possible.

The technology behind Pokémon Go, called “augmented reality,” where computer-generated aspects (images, sound) are layered over the world around us, sparks with potential. A recent article by REBECCA VESELY of the Association of Health Care Journalists touched on possible health care applications that could occur:   “Pokémon Go could serve as a gateway for widespread adoption of other augmented reality […]