Shade guide and phone case in one?

Only if you’re aiming for the coffee-stained corpse hue.

They may deviate *just slightly* from the shimmering white smiles created by most dental professionals, but the mouth monstrosities handcrafted by dental tech  Morgan Loebel are nothing less perfection.

The Kansas artist painstakingly personifies phone cases with “hyper-realistic re-creations of crooked, sharp teeth,” according to

It must be exhausting work, because per Loebel’s Etsy site post July 9, he’s “taking a couple weeks off from making mutated things.”

Not sure if this Molar Muse will be protecting Androids with MorgansMutations ,  but they’re definitely in consideration as a thumb-sucking deterrents for stubborn four-and-a-half-year olds.

Mike Wazowski, eat your heart out. (Not literally.)


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