Escaping the daily routine drives creativity

Escaping boundaries, figuratively and literally, ranked high on the Thursday agenda for the Benco Dental MarComm Department. Among an itinerary outlined by Manager @RachelAPugh at the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor from its home office in Pittston, Pennsylvania: * 10 – 11:30 a.m.: Team brainstorming session at the home office. * 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pa. – Featured […]

Meet Dr. Ellie

  Ellie Phillips, DDS, shown above during The Lucy Hobbs Project 4th annual Celebration hosted June 2-3  in Dallas, Texas, makes it her personal mission to improve people’s oral health through expert advice, personal empowerment, preventative dentistry and education about xylitol’s many benefits. On her blog, Ultimate Oral Health Guide, she recently shared the following, along with a […]

Drill-dodging options: A recap.

For pediatric patients — and others who would prefer to avoid the dental drill in the treatment of caries –a few options have gained popularity and FDA-approval in the past year. Solea, by Convergent Dental, is the first CO2 laser system ever cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue ablation. In a 2015 interview, Convergent Dental noted […]

Spreading smiles through song.

  This week, the American Dental Association shared 7 Songs to Keep You Smiling This Summer,  and because research has proven smiles to be contagious, decided to keep the grins going. According to the “We tend to mimic the smiles or frowns of others because it helps us better understand what other people […]

Science + History = A Dose of Fun

As dental professionals in a science-based field, sharing knowledge with patients is serious business. Shared laughter – a dose of humor – can be equally important, in the right setting. One educator – Steven Austad, Chair of the Biology Department at the University of Alabama, did just that in a recent column for Austad, whose bio describes him as  enjoying […]

Honey, I shrunk the bacteria.

Guaranteed that’s not a quote you’ll hear from Benco Dental MarComm Manager Rachel Pugh. In a recent installment of SciShow, Honey: Bacteria’s Worst Enemy, host Hank Green explained why some hospitals harness (purified and standardized) honey’s powers for good. Meanwhile, one dental industry marketer would prefer a bunch of honeymakers vacate her home. “I can hear them if I put my ear to […]

Pokémon Go(es) to the dentist? Not quite, but in the future, anything is possible.

The technology behind Pokémon Go, called “augmented reality,” where computer-generated aspects (images, sound) are layered over the world around us, sparks with potential. A recent article by REBECCA VESELY of the Association of Health Care Journalists touched on possible health care applications that could occur:   “Pokémon Go could serve as a gateway for widespread adoption of other augmented reality […]