Colorado. Where future periodontists might be seeing green.

Headline conjecture, based purely on the combination of Colorado’s reputation as the “most marijuana-enthused state,” according to the blog, combined with recent findings that persistent marijuana use for up to 20 years was associated with greater risk of periodontal disease at the age of 38.

According to, the researchers — study co-author Madeline H. Meier, Ph.D., of Arizona State University, and colleagues — analyzed the data of 1,037 adults who were part of the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study of New Zealand.

The details:

Subjects were born in New Zealand in 1972-1973 and were followed up from birth until the age of 38 years. Participants underwent regular health and lifestyle assessments during follow-up.

Meier and colleagues looked at the frequency of marijuana use among participants between the ages of 18-38 and assessed whether this impacted physical health at the age of 38.

Specifically, they looked at whether marijuana use affected later-life periodontal health, lung function, systemic inflammation, and metabolic health.

Read the full story at:


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