#ThankfulThursday. Hear from a dentist who feels ‘blessed in this life’.

When the #40Under40, America’s Best Young Dentists, earn the designation from Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine each year, they rightly deserve a pat on the back (or several) for the dedication that helped them garner this accolade.

One of this year’s honorees, Dr. Fouy Chau, (shown here, third from right) turns the praise toward his family (shown.)

“I have been very fortunate in my life, from my upbringing until today.  It wasn’t so for my parents. They were refugees from the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia during the late 1970s. Today, they have raised four successful adults, a pharmacist, orthodontist, cardiologist, and a teacher. Much of what and why I do things is for my parents and siblings,” said the owner of two thriving practices. “I am forever grateful for my parents’ strength to never give up and growing up with the best siblings anyone can ask for. I have been blessed in this life.”

Dr. Chau, who purchased Encino Orthodontics, Encino, CA a year after he graduated from residency, describes his profession as a “privilege”.

“I have the privilege to provide that life-changing smile to all my patients. I love it!”

He elaborates on his career choice,  “My teeth were very crooked as a child, so I wanted braces but didn’t qualify under the Denti-Cal program. Finally at age 17, my dentist referred me to the Assistance League of Long Beach, which gave braces to underprivileged children. I was one of the lucky kids chosen. When I got my braces off in college, it changed my life and my self-confidence. I then switched from applying to medical school to dental school in a heartbeat, because I knew I only wanted to be an orthodontist.”

Learn more about Dr. Chau in the upcoming Fall Edition of Incisal Edge magazine, or visit him in person at Encino Orthodontics, www.encinoortho.com, or the pediatric and orthodontic practice he runs in conjunction with Dr. Dimitri Bizoumis, which is located in Huntington Beach, CA, www.childsdentist.com

DrFouyChau and Dr MaiLam

Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 honoree Dr. Fouy Chau with his guest Dr. Mai Lam, at the 2016 40 Under 40 celebration hosted May 5 and 6 in NYC.

Celebrating a well-earned Head Start

America’s free preschool for the less fortunate, Head Start, has served 30 million children since being founded in 1965. Each morning at Head Start, kids start their day off right by brushing their teeth with their friends.

Created to address the educational and developmental needs of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens- young children, Head Start programs have been operated at the local, grassroots level across the country.

Over the past 45 years,  through Head Start’s comprehensive service system for both children and their families, thousands upon thousands of children have been given the chance to be and to do their best in order to achieve their potential in school.

A May 16 event presented one moment in a Luzerne County Head Start success story, when John Dietrich (shown above, center) received a Head Start Alumni Scholarship sponsored by the Benco Family Foundation. Dietrich, a recipient of a merit-based, competitive scholarship, attends Hazleton Area High School, in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and will attend Misericordia University in the Fall.

Annually, the Benco Family Foundation presents a $2,000 scholarship to a former Luzerne County Head Start student. Shown, in the photo above, with Dietrich, are members of the Benco family: Terry Barrett, VP, Information Technology, Larry Cohen, Chairman and Chief Customer Advocate, Chuck Cohen, Managing Director, Lou Mangino, VP, Operations and Meredith Wall, Benco Family Foundation Administrator.

Each year, in addition to the scholarship, Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor:

  • Adopts two classrooms in the Luzerne County Head Start program. At those classrooms, Benco provides volunteers (in the form of Benco associates), hosts holiday parties, and donates pajamas and other supplies,
  • Donates 3,000 toothbrushes to Luzerne County Head Start.

Benco Dental also supports the efforts of Head Start on a national level, through its PRO-SYS® Buy One, Give One program (For every PRO-SYS® Tapered or Antimicrobial toothbrush purchased, PRO-SYS donates one to a person in need.)

Find out how you can support Luzerne County Head Start Inc., to provide the opportunity for every child to develop the building blocks for learning – physical and nutritional well-being, social and emotional competence, and developmental growth:  http://lchs.hsweb.org/

Or support Luzerne County nationwide: http://paheadstart.org/index.php/head-start-national/office-of-head-start-and-acf/

Is your smile trustworthy? How about elegant?

According to the American Foreign Press, Japanese cosmetics firm Shiseido says it has come up with a system to rate a person’s smile by measuring facial movements.

“Users look into a tablet device with the app, and it gives them a reading on the quality of their smile on a scale of zero to 120.

The app can also tell them how their smile is seen by others in various categories — trustworthy, elegant, attractive, beautiful, positive, friendly and lively.”

Facial-recognition technology developed by KART (Koozyt AR Technology) and Sony drive the app. Though it is slated for commercial release in 2017, it will first undergo exposure among a limited test audience.

Who better to test their smiles, at least per Shiseido’s plans?

Flight attendants.

Shiseido is trying out the software on 5,000 JAL flight attendants between July and September, as discussed in a report by JapanTrends.com.

“The level of the female attendants’ smiles will be judged by the app on a tablet device, deciding if their smiles are too unemotional or have the ability to light up a room. JAL has not announced if its flight attendants will be demoted or penalized for lacking perceived smile quality.”

According to JapanTrends.com, Shiseido has also been organizing “smile lectures” since 2008, based on its years of research into the importance of smiling. It runs them 3-5 times a year, reaching around 6,000 participants until now.



Agree that Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait®? Share the message.

This message, also the driving force behind a study and campaign funded by the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) gained ground with a message shared this week by DTA President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Price, the leader of the association that represents dental manufacturers, distributors and laboratories.

“If every American had a dental appointment every year, the overall health of the nation would improve. That’s because we know that oral health is essential to overall health. The body of research showing a strong connection between oral disease and systemic diseases is growing.

We want the government, American business and the American people to understand that regular oral health care makes economic sense. Last year, we commissioned a local university professor of health economics to study the cost-benefit of expanding oral health care. The study provided critically important results.

Using the study as a basis, we have developed a campaign to spread the message that oral health care makes financial sense for all of our economy.  We intend to provide this message to government policymakers and the decision makers in businesses – large and small – across the country. If you would like additional copies of the white papers or pamphlets to distribute in your community, please contact us.

In its overview, the study offers examples of the value of more widespread oral care. A few:

Diabetes: Diabetes not only worsens in the presence of gum disease but also serves as a risk factor for gum disease. If 60% of people with diabetes better managed their oral health, savings could equal close to $39 billion per year.

Emergency Room Visits: Many people wait until their dental pain becomes severe and end up in the ER, which is much costlier than care in a dental office. If 50% of dental-related emergency room visits were handled in a community setting, the system could save around $826 million.

Oral Cancer: Routine dental visits help detect oral cancer early on, which can lead to less complicated treatments, lower costs and higher survival rates. If 20% more oral cancer cases were detected early, estimated annual savings would range from $338 million to $495 million.

Find more details, including dollar amounts of savings related to lung disease, dental sealants, and pregnancy at: https://www.dentaltradealliance.org/bcfoh

Screenshot 2016-06-24 10.59.08


Uma Kelekar, Ph.D.

All research was prepared for the Dental Trade Alliance by Uma Kelekar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Healthcare Management, Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia. Her study highlights the significant, direct economic benefit to government and business of providing dental benefits to all Americans.



What can benefit from NeoCon? Your dental practice design.

By Megan Chuzas, Interior Designer, CenterPoint Design

Recently, a few Interior Designers from the CenterPoint Design department at Benco Dental had the privilege to attend NeoCon, which is billed as North America’s most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, hosted June 13-15 at The Mart in Chicago.

IMG_2737One of the most recognized and attended trade shows in the design industry, NeoCon offers manufacturers the opportunity to showcase new and innovative products to designers from across the globe.

Color trends included greys, taupe and white with soft muted accent colors. Bright blues, greens and yellows remained as popular as ever.

Wood tone trends were very light in color – mostly grey and white.

Brushed gold metal accents complemented the grey industrial trend going on right now.

Lighting? Very modern and retro-inspired.

Vinyl flooring trends included everything from florals to distressed wood with floor plansIMG_2736 and trellis patterns.

Furniture focused on creating the most out of a small space while keeping technology in mind as well.

To elevate your dental practice design and see some of these trends used, contact the CenterPoint Design team at 1.800.GOBENCO in the coming year!


Color trends at NeoCon included greys, taupe, and white.