Addressing the elephant in the room.

Huge relief.  That’s what a visit to the dentist can provide to a patient experiencing pain from an infected tooth.

Imagine that pain in exponential proportions, so much so that it causes weight loss because of an inability to eat without discomfort.

Such was the situation at the United Kingdom’s largest zoo (@ZSLWhipsnadeZoo), where 33-year-old Lucha, a female Asian elephant, needed a consult, according to The Telegraph.

Dental surgeon Dr. Peter Kertesz, a specialist in zoo dentistry, received a call to help the team extract a molar of monumental size.

Head Vet at the Zoological Society of London, Nic Masters told The Telegraph:

“While most people dread the idea of a visit to the dentist, for Lucha the elephant it was a relaxed experience, due to the regular training and close relationship she has with our keepers.”

How much anesthesia does it take to keep an elephant comfortable?

View the video to get all the details:



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