Note to (younger) self: Get implant certification.


For the third year running, Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine pollsters reached out to a major segment of the dental industry.

In the magazine’s most recent edition, veteran dentists (median age 57; 81 percent male; 94 percent practice owners) offer insight on where they’ve been, where they’re going and what they wish their 30-year-old selves had known.

A smattering of self-help on the latter topic:

  • “Get implant placement certification.”
  • “Establish your practice in an area truly in need of a dentist.”
  • “Find a mentor to help guide you through the most important decisions for you and your practice.”
  • “Build an excellent team  — people with whom your patients feel cared for and a part of your practice.”

Find out when the surveyed dentists plan to retire, what, if anything, they would do differently to maintain their physical health if they were just starting out, and what practice decisions they’d rethink:

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