Wave, hello. Incisal Edge guest columnist makes a splash.

Dr. Dan Boehne isn’t just an expert endodontist — he’s also a big-wave rider and surfboard designer.

Here he’s shown riding a monster at the Wedge in Newport Beach, California, during Hurricane Marie in 2014, but his most recent side venture requires significantly less water. When not caring for patients at his practice, Dana Point Endodontics, or working as the on­call board shaper for some of the best surfers in the world, (think Jamie O’Brien and Albee Layer), Dr. Boehne is weighing in on all things endodontics for Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine as a guest columnist.

Find out how he makes an impact in the classrooms at UCLA and learn more about other exotic locations where he’s been invited to surf in a recent interview with Incisal Edge.

Check out his inaugural guest column: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/813983b8#/813983b8/36

(courtesy Incisal Edge) Chairman of the board: The good doctor showing off his board shaping technique.




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