Bad hair? Check your smile.

Brushing your teeth might not improve your bad hair days, but a recent study offers a link between hair disorders and the susceptibility of teeth to cavities.

A study  presented at the General Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research offers the idea that some facets of hair are related to tooth enamel, according the the American Academy of Implant Dentistry website.

According to the study:

Hair and teeth share common developmental mechanisms. Of course, the major components of hair and teeth are very different both in appearance and structure.

However, there are minute components of tooth enamel that are also found in certain elements of hair. Researchers discovered that, as a result, when certain defects are found in a person’s hair, there also tends to be a susceptibility to cavities.

Don’t schedule a deep conditioning  session at the hair salon hoping to preventing tooth decay. The relationship between the two runs much deeper and earlier in a human’s development.
Learn more about the link at

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