Does good dental hygiene mean overall well-being? Reports say yes.

Naples, Florida residents must be keeping their dentists busy.

Based on a survey of more than 250,000 Americans, people are more “satisfied by life” when they have good dental hygiene, according to a recent Washington Post story.

And Naples ranks No. 1 among America’s most fulfilled communities in Gallup’s Well-Being Index released Tuesday.

According to the Post story:

The people who reported the highest well-being ratings live in and around Naples, Fla., according to the Well-Being Index.

The rankings are based on how strongly residents rate their sense of purpose, social fulfillment, financial security, sense of community and physical health — five elements that Gallup felt “matter most to a life well-lived,” said Dan Witters, research director for the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which ranks 190 metropolitan areas by the well-being of their residents based on a survey of more than a quarter-million Americans.

Find out if your city and state are among the most (or least) fulfilled, and learn what you can do to increase your sense of well-being.:

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