Who needs 30 days? A Kickstarter success story.

One dental family took a leap of faith to help them spread their motto: “Look good, do good, have fun.”

Drs. Casey and Lisa Crafton and their three philanthropic children Gigi, McKenzie and Christopher, launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign in May, 2015, to raise capital for the promotion of the line of Bracket Ears jewelry (earrings, bracelets, charms, tie tacks, pins) crafted from — orthodontic brackets.

In previous interviews with TheDailyFloss.com and Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine, the youngest members of the Crafton family shared that in 2002, they created Bracket Ears, LLC along with brother Christopher, and their parents, in Maryland.  Its mission: to give back.

Their goal at the time included finding a way to afford face time with retailers at AmericasMart in Atlanta to the tune of about $17,500 to exhibit.

Dr. Casey Crafton explained the positives and negatives of the process:

“The way Kickstarter works is that companies sell their products at a discount for folks who want to help them reach their goals for a specific purpose.  The scary thing about Kickstarter is that if we do not raise the entire amount we do not get anything.”

Great news for Bracket Ears, the Craftons and the good works they support: In 26 days, well within the Kickstarter deadline of 30 days, they raised $17,800. Phew!

Gigi and Mac (their chief – and only – designers ) have been busy creating an assortment of new products, including a new design for guys and a

 With men in mind: Shiny brackets align on sleek black leather to define The Wanda Leather Bracelet. Available in Silver and Gold, with and without Bling. One size fits all.

With men in mind: Shiny brackets align on sleek black leather to define The Wanda Leather Bracelet. Available in silver and gold, with and without bling.

new division – their collegiate line.   All will continue to enable them more ways to fulfill their mission, which is  raising dollars and awareness for worthy causes.

Want to learn more? http://www.bracketears.com/about-bracket-ears.html

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