Learn more about latex or chemical allergy. Free CE available.


Education. Evidence. Engagement.

Ansell provides relevant and accessible continuing education to help dental providers advance their knowledge, skill and practice in dentistry.

Two such programs for dental professionals, Understanding Latex Allergy in the Dental Setting and Chemical Allergy Masquerade, each offer two contact hours.

Visit ansellcaresdental.com to access complimentary online programs. Courses are open globally to any participant, whether or not you reside in the specific region. Each accredited course ends with a course review and test. A passing score of 85% is required to receive an electronic certificate of completion.

Globally recognized for providing high quality, accredited Continuing Education (CE) programs to dentists, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals, Ansell’s goal is to create a culture of safety for healthcare providers and patients through the implementation of best practices. Ansell is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider of continuing education.

To register: http://ansellhealthcare.com/temps/educationalprograms/dental/register.cfm


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