It’s a girl, it’s a boy, it’s a … breakthrough!

  Leave it to the California Dental Association to propagate progress. A Facebook post the CDA shared this week explains the unique cover concept of its award-winning peer-reviewed scientific publication: Pink or blue? Check your mailbox next week to see which version of the February Journal you receive. The first-ever dual covers celebrate the diversity of our editorial contributors and members. Inside […]

‘Voice for children’s oral health’ among Gies honorees

More young children suffer from tooth decay than from any other chronic condition, including asthma, according to the Children’s Dental Health Project. Kids at the highest risk for dental decay inspired pediatric dentist Dr. Burton Edelstein visit to Congress in 1996. One year later, he created the Children’s Dental Health Project as “the voice for children’s oral health.” And […]

2016: already a banner year for oral health.

It’s only January 27 and the world of dentistry is awash in good news. From headline news in the LA Times about a smokeless tobacco ban at Dodger Stadium, and a Mouthing Off blog post about the American Student Dental Association’s February Wellness Challenge, to social media blasts about the Institute of Oral Health’s Inaugural In Motion: 5K Run, Walk, Fun, 2016 […]

Dali’s creation captures the art of the smile.

Today, the @WSJ Wall Street Journal reflects on a virtual-reality experience in a new exhibition at The Dali Museum in Florida, Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination, which spotlights the relationship between renowned artists. Those unfamiliar with the collaboration of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney on an animated short film “Destino,” originally created between 1945 and 1948, might also be surprised […]

New year, new practice design.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the ultimate dental design experience? An opportunity to learn time and money-saving strategies to increase your business, understand your financial path and enhance office productivity. Maybe you’ve heard a colleague mention dentistry’s leading office design program features keynote speaker Dr. Mark Tholen, DDS, MBA and ergonomic design expert. After a Benco Dental […]