Why aren’t some pregnant women visiting the dentist? DrBicuspid.com offers insight.

A recent survey found that although 76% of pregnant women reported having an oral health problem, including bleeding gums, toothache, and increased tooth sensitivity, only 57% actually visited a dentist during their pregnancy, reported DrBicuspid.com. To help remedy this, survey authors at Cigna recommended that healthcare providers, including dentists and hygienists, explain how pregnancy can affect the oral cavity.

According to the report:

Almost half of the surveyed women did not visit the dentist during pregnancy despite having dental problems.

The researchers cited cost as one of the main reasons why pregnant women do not visit the dentist, and they found that women without insurance were twice as likely as those with insurance to not visit the dentist during pregnancy. However, healthcare professionals may be able to increase the amount of women who prioritize oral health by simply talking to women about the importance of visiting the dentist.

“The dental professional community should continue to advise and emphasize to expectant mothers the importance of practicing good oral hygiene habits at home before and during pregnancy and the need for regular dental checkups,” stated Miles Hall, DDS, Cigna’s chief clinical dental director, in an email interview with DrBicuspid.com.

Learn more of the reasons pregnant women avoid the the dentist and some positive results of the survey: http://www.drbicuspid.com/index.aspx?Sec=sup&Sub=hyg&Pag=dis&ItemId=318782

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