New websites help you brush up on bristles, get a handle on handpieces and chill with baby teethers.

Knowledge should be fun. At least that’s the thought process behind two new websites launched by Benco Brands. A relaunch of the site shares the tale of an Edison™ Award-winning toothbrush and the quest of its creators for a better brush (proven 1,500 times cleaner than competitors) and the best bristles (DuPont™, the inventors of the nylon bristle.) […]

Destination CenterPoint: Envision your dental practice in living color.

Professional consultations with a project architect, project designer, mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineers, and interior designers.  Showrooms that offer the ability to test drive furnishings and equipment before choosing them for your own dental practice. Design seminars led by industry leaders such as ergonomics expert Dr. Mark Tholen, who blends practical ROI formulas with workable action plans. Expect these offerings and so […]

Celebration time!

Success in your practice should translate to success in your glass. Jeffery Lindenmuth @LindenmuthJ, who has covered the world of premium tipples for publications including Bon Appetit, Men’s Heath, Food Arts and Private Air, discusses the finer points of a few Champagnes worth popping their cork for in the latest edition of Incisal Edge dental lifestyle mag. […]

Who doesn’t love a dental riddle?

Q: What do you wear to celebrate National Child Health Day, National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween? A: A Zooby® Pediatric Bib, of course. An October launch occurs just in time for new Zooby Pediatric Bibs to help transform patients into one of five wild characters. Each bib features the body of an animal and acts as a costume that helps […]

When in Rome…take a pass on the tiramisu.

Skip the gelato and the terrine (nougat) while you’re at it. Completely ignore Eating Italy Tour’s travel blog Top 10 Guide to the Best Sweets. An orthodontist who oversaw the examination of 30 Pompeii inhabitants who were preserved in hardened ash after Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, shared this sentiment with Quartz magazine: “The inhabitants of […]

Benco Dental among early adopters of mobile solution for customer relationships

Resco, the maker of the market-favorite mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, announced recently that the company surpassed the 1000th customer mark. According to Resco’s CEO Radomir Vozar, the milestone marks the ever-growing need of businesses to become more productive and flexible by adopting mobile CRM solutions. Resco noticed a huge demand for mobile business […]

Defying the odds: Oral health provider part of revitalization in Maine

“Walk those rich lines, defy the odds, push the envelope — because you never know who you’re inspiring,” said Katti Webb Simpson, IPDH, of Foxcroft, Maine, during her acceptance of the Lucy Hobbs Project® Clinical Expertise Award in 2014. Evidently, she keeps company with those who share a similar philosophy. One month ago, Simpson (shown above) joined an effort to revitalize a […]

Welcome to my (dental) nightmare

The most frightening promise of October in the dental industry used to be excessive candy consumption. Today, popular initiatives such as  Kool Smiles‘ Operation Troop Treats, the largest Halloween candy buyback program by a dental provider in the United States, are chipping away at the holiday’s cavity-creating traditions one ton at a time.  (Operation Troop Treats has contributed to a total of more than five […]