Hanging with a Ninja Dentist.

By Desiree Walker DDS / Guest Contributor 
After work, I like to go to the bar and really turn things upside down!  Well – I do have fun, but this is what I mean.
I actually go to my door frame mounted chin-up bar, stap on my antigravity boots and hang (shown)!!
Why do I do this:
1.) To prevent and alleviate back pain.  Inversion increases the amount of space between each vertebra, relieving pressure on the ligaments, nerves, and discs.  Less pressure = less pain
2.) To reset the body’s natural alignment:  No matter how good our posture, we still contort our bodies all day with dentistry.  When the body is inverted, it remains in alignment with gravity.   Gravity facilitates it to return to it’s nature form – a soft “S” curve.
3.)  It. Just. Feels. Good!!!  Like exercise, inversion helps release endorphins, just like the ones that give you the “runner’s high.”  Inversion does this by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systemic
My routine is to hang from 2 – 5 minutes, but as a beginner, I would suggest starting with 30 seconds.
Here are the boots I use:
Dr. Desiree Walker (@sarahdesiwalker) of Lumber River Dental, is a native of Fairmont, North Carolina. She lives in Robeson County with her husband Ash. She made her national-television debut on American Ninja Warrior, NBC’s extreme-obstacle challenge, in June of 2014 and returned to the competition this season.

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