Get those creative juices flowing. All that stands between you and $5,000 is one great idea.

Calling all dentists, dental students, architects, interior designers.

Don’t waste another minute. You’ve only got 1,020 remaining (that’s 17 hours, if you’re not ready for early morning number crunching) to share your vision for the future of dentistry.

You might be a few brilliant brain surges away from earning a $5,000 prize and appearing in a national magazine as part of the 3nd annual Incisal Edge Design Contest sponsored by Clarion Financial.

Visit; enter your dental practice Design of the Future concept and prepare for the adulation that may follow. Deadline: Midnight.

Incisal Edgethe leading lifestyle magazine for dental professionals, offers a Design of the Future category that invites contest participants to create an imaginative setting for the patients and practitioners of tomorrow. Improvement, innovation and inspiration with no boundaries – if you can dream it, submit it. The reward: a $5,000 grand prize. Winners will receive a a profile in the Incisal Edge Winter issue.

Why are you still reading? Get to work.

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