Under 40? Celebrity status awaits.

The professional attire of a talented young dentist doesn’t vary too much: white coat, well-appointed but functional clothing, maybe an errant loupe around the neck or a basic set of tools peering over the top of the breast pocket.

So far, so put-together. But that’s just the 9-5  — today’s young doctors also show no hesitation about suiting up for a special occasion. And occasions don’t get much more special than this: Incisal Edge‘s celebration of America’s finest young dentists age 40 and under.

For it’s fifth annual celebration, the dental lifestyle magazine indulged the elegant side of these doctors’ sartorial personalities — bringing them to Current, a posh venue along the Hudson River in Manhattan, tricking them out in a sleek wardrobe to suit their personality and setting them loose to help the magazine celebrate five years of 40 Under 40.

View the results here: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/9975d83d#/9975d83d/1

Don’t see yourself in the pages of this Fall edition? Self-nominate today, or do an under-40 colleague a favor and put him or her in consideration for the 2016 spectacular: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VN6F2FB

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