Dental Director: ACA funding will allow California residents to ‘choose health’

Recently, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced almost $500 million in new Affordable Care Act funding to assist public and private nonprofit health centers across the country to provide more primary care to their communities. The awards include approximately $350 million for 1,184 health centers to increase access to services such as medical, oral, behavioral, […]

Travel back 100 years when patients could get a tooth pulled of 50 cents.

By Larry Cohen/Benco Dental Chairman and Chief Customer Advocate This century-old dental catalog from the Buckeye Dental Supply Co. is my per­sonal equivalent of the Dead Sea Scrolls. (If any readers/archaeologists are in To­ledo, I would love to know if the old Ohio Building still stands.) But rather than of­fering exceptional insight into antiquity, this catalog […]

Get those creative juices flowing. All that stands between you and $5,000 is one great idea.

Calling all dentists, dental students, architects, interior designers. Don’t waste another minute. You’ve only got 1,020 remaining (that’s 17 hours, if you’re not ready for early morning number crunching) to share your vision for the future of dentistry. You might be a few brilliant brain surges away from earning a $5,000 prize and appearing in a national […]

Flower Mound, Texas, ideal setting for Benco Dental’s 3rd significant expansion in 10 years

A state ranked the best in the nation to do business for the past three years: Texas. A town that celebrates 175 species of wildflowers and native prairie grasses still flourishing yearround since pioneer days: Flower Mound. What better location for the third significant expansion within a decade for a company that has grown from […]

Prophy paste that brightens enamel and neutralizes pH? You bet your baking soda.

Young Dental recently announced the launch of new Vera® Advanced Bright™ Prophy Paste powered by baking soda. Vera Advanced Bright Prophy Paste contains baking soda, a time-honored ingredient with low abrasivity that’s recognized for its ability to whiten, brighten and neutralize pH. This proprietary mixture of baking soda and pumice is designed to break down stain molecules […]

Who knew plain old toothpaste was so versatile?, it would seem. Maybe you’ve removed tarnish from your silver jewelry in a pinch with an old toothbrush and a dab of traditional white paste, but have you ever thought of using this medicine cabinet mainstay to remove tea and coffee stains from mugs? Or to banish the garlic scent that lingers on your fingers after mincing a fresh clove for your homemade […]