How is one dental company making it easier to find what you need?

Shopping — either you love it or you don’t love it so much. Either way, the nation’s fastest growing dental distributor is making it easier to find what you need.

Benco Dental, now servicing more than 35,000 dentists and dental laboratories, is known for its industry-leading online inventory management system Painless®.

The latest Benco difference — a newly redesigned website: Set to launch tomorrow, September 1, the new website includes:

  • advanced product search,
  • detailed product description and
  • images that will allow customers to easily locate the items they need. 

What’s staying the same? All the attributes customers tell Benco they love, such as the ability to:
• View invoices and statements
• set up budgets
• track and manage orders
• View reports
• create shopping lists and
• process returns.

Visit today, and stop back again tomorrow to see what’s new. Find out how they’re delivering a painless and innovative customer that improves the business engines, life balance and patient care of dental professionals.

larry_advocate_pixWhile you’re there, tell Chairman and Chief Customer Advocate Larry Cohen what you think about the changes: e-mail Larry or call him at 570-602-7000.

Will a DNA test help defeat the scourge of oral cancer? PeriRx prepares for battle.

The world’s sixth leading cause of cancer kills one American every hour of every day, according to the National Institute of Health.

Intimidating statistics.

A new oral cancer screening tool with more than 10 years of research behind it aims to lower that mortality rate.

According to an article in, PeriRx LLC’s launch of SaliMark OSCC, a test that uses the DNA in saliva to test suspicious lesions or oral mucosal abnormality, is available online from the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor, Benco Dental, among other sources.

According to the story:

The test is indicated for use when a visual oral examination (via naked eye or fluorescent device) detects a suspicious lesion or oral mucosal abnormality. SaliMark OSCC’s highly-accurate risk assessment capabilities can help the clinician make a more informed and confident decision on whether to refer the patient to a specialist for a biopsy.

“Although biopsies are the gold standard for determining pathology, they are invasive procedures that come back negative 90% of the time,” explained PeriRx founder Stephen Swanick. “SaliMark will greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of any oral cancer exam protocol.”

Based on a discovery by Dr. David Wong of the University of California at Los Angeles and supported with 10 of additional years of research at National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and National Institute of Health, SaliMark OSCC’s regulatory approval process is in progress.

PeriRx, LLC was founded in 2008 in Broomall, Pa., by CEO Stephen M. Swanick. The executive team includes Dr. Neil Gottehrer, a practicing dentist; and Dr. Jack Martin, a cardiologist.

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Discussing the elephants in the room: Artist shares vision for dental ward

The artist’s challenges: Create artwork that appeals to young patients of varying ages in a location where there exists not one single large wall on which to hang your work for display. Sidenote, must be easy to sanitize.

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Illustrator Stephen Smith, of the Neasden Control Centre, explained to how those  parameters inspired his designs at Whitechapel Dental Ward: “It needed to be cool but not too scary.” As for the layout of the Royal London Hospital’s ward, busy with patients and furniture: “It was a major challenge to design and ensure that there was a good flow of work throughout the space and that not one single area was dominating another,” he added.

Photographs by Owen Richards.

Photographs by Owen Richards.

All the artwork was carefully measured to fit between dental practice furnishings, along corridors, around pillars.

Which explains toucans perched above operatory chairs and cheetahs guarding nitrile glove dispensers. As for the aforementioned elephants, intermingled with skyscrapers and skateboarders, not to mention foxes, giraffes and hound dogs, the artist said he attempted to blend the patients’  familiar city vision with an imaginative world of the wild.

Smith told Creative Review: “It was important that being in an

Photographs by Owen Richards.

Photographs by Owen Richards.

inner city hospital the artwork responded to the nature of the site in Whitechapel – and reflected the urban nature of many of the kids who use it. I wanted to create an environment that responded to this, but also build a world that was wild and full of animals and forests.”

After being approached last year by Vital Arts, the arts organisation for Barts Health NHS Trust, Smith spent time with head doctors and staff on the ward as part of his creative process. His commission (in vinyl, in keeping with the cleanliness factor) was recently unveiled.

The end result, according to Vital Arts’ Mark Sinclair:

“Much of the artwork is used in locations where Smith’s illustrations can be viewed from the dental chair – to help relax patients while creating a warm and stimulating environment for the dental staff.”

For the full story and additional images of Stephen Smith’s art at Whitechapel, visit:


Photographs by Owen Richards

Benco delivers singular style to dentistry with Herman Miller and Nemschoff

The sophisticated furnishings of Herman Miller and Nemschoff have been used in stylish, versus sterilizing, healthcare environments for five decades, elevating the human experience of care. As a new Herman Miller Healthcare dealer, Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately-owned dental distribution company, now offers oral health professionals an elevated new world in which to work.

The integration of Herman Miller and Nemschoff lines of furniture into its CenterPoint design showrooms will allow Benco Dental to provide a unique opportunity for its customers: Addressing all of their interior design needs in one place.

CenterPoint Design Showroom, Costa Mesa, CA

Benco Dental invites practitioners thinking about updating, expanding, or opening a brand-new office to make Destination CenterPoint their first stop. Dental professionals can visit a Destination CenterPoint showroom in Northeastern PA or Orange County, CA (shown). In October, 2015, a third location will open in Dallas, Texas.

“From flooring to wall coverings, and now with the addition of the Herman Miller and Nemschoff lines of furniture, our CenterPoint Design team is ready to create the dental practice of singular style. With our new product offerings from Herman Miller, our company has proven its commitment to being the sole source for all dental practice needs,” said Pat Arsenault,

Director of Equipment Sales and CenterPoint Services at Benco Dental.

Aligned in their missions of empowering great people to do great work, the three enterprises offer products and services of a complementary nature as well. Founded in 1950, in 1957 Nemschoff entered the healthcare market with designs based on a study exploring ways to improve care for the elderly. This began the company’s legacy of research-based design. Herman Miller Healthcare (a past recipient of the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Award,)  and Nemschoff made their official debut as unified brands in 2011, bringing together unmatched expertise and the industry’s most comprehensive product offering globally. Within the past 83 years, Benco Dental has grown from a single downtown location to a national network of more than 65 regional locations, five distribution centers, and two design showrooms. Those CenterPoint design showrooms, one at the company’s Pennsylvania headquarters and one in Southern California, feature North America’s largest selection of dental equipment and technology, as well as a hands-on dental design experience, to assist dentists in the planning and construction of a new office.

Charles Cohen, Benco Dental managing director, said that he looks forward to uniting Benco’s full-service approach with Nemschoff’s commitment to craftsmanship and Herman Miller’s research-led approach to offer inventive designs based in ergonomic and healthcare expertise.

“As part of the Benco difference, we strive to deliver a broad array of products and services and insightful solutions. We begin each initiative by asking ‘what does the customer want’,” Cohen said. “Our goal is to combine Herman Miller and Nemschoff’s problem-solving design with Benco Dental’s industry expertise and willingness to try new ideas.”

For more information, email, or schedule a CenterPoint Experience by visiting or calling 1.800.GO.BENCO.

Are you thinking about year-end accreditation?

It’s free for clinicians beginning today, through VIVA Learning Webinar Program.

There’s still time to sign up for the first free course, which begins this evening at 8 p.m. EST (and gives a shoutout to MC Hammer.)

Debra Z. Sabatini, RDH, known in the industry, as Debbie “Z” is a Cause Driven Educator, passionate speaker and pioneer health crusader with a wealth of cutting edge information used to ignite total health and wellness and ‘What can be’ to the world.

Debra Z. Sabatini, RDH

Can’t Touch This:  How to Optimize Cleaning and Surface Disinfection in the Clinical Setting, by presenter  Debbie Sabatini,

RDH will focus on  surface disinfectant products offered by Air Techniques.

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    Presenter:  Karen Seibert, RDH MS
  • Thursday, October 29, 2015, 7 p.m. EST
    Time to Suck it Up (with a focus on Air Techniques vacuum line cleansing, Clearstream)
    Presenter:  Patricia Pine, RDH


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