Are you chewing enough parsley?

As if you didn’t already view enough solutions to finally defeat bad breath in Lifehacker’s outrageous video (shown here), a story by the site’s Mihir Patkar will have you waiting with bated breath to try a few more.

Among all-natural ingredients that Tipnut suggests you can chew to temporarily counter your bad breath: sprigs of parsley and whole cloves.

If you have eaten foods that cause bad breath, you can counter that by eating other foods. For example, Lifehacker suggests that drinking a glass of milk counters garlic breath to some degree.

Dry mouth? Bacteria on teeth? There are solutions within your grasp, according to Patkar. (Especially if you’ve got a glass of water or a tongue scraper handy.)

Before you stash spices in your purse or guzzle green tea, it might be worthwhile to add flossing to your daily routine.

Oh wait, did I just say that?

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