Is Benco Dental in harmony with the universe?

In tandem. In balance. In sync. Each phrase accurately describe the way Benco Dental’s CAD/CAM Bootcamp training session taking place in Chicago today conveniently aligns with the June 30 leap second. In case you didn’t read about it on or in your Twitter feed, #leapsecond, the one extra second in your day June 30 evolved from a natural occurrence. explains it succinctly: […]

ADA prepares for ‘Navigating The Sea of Genomic Data’

According to’s Michelle Manchir, the ADA is hosting a first-of-its-kind meeting in October about current issues involved in genetic testing and the expectations for genetics in dentistry. Academicians, dental practitioners, regulatory bodies and leaders of professional dental organizations are encouraged to attend the conference scheduled for Oct. 28-29 at the Association Headquarters in Chicago. The […]

Dental student’s ‘Desire’ fulfilled

By Alison Majikes/Special to “Age 23. Can I play?” These two sentences comprised the sign that 23-year-old dental student Ryan Luxenberg held up when he attended a U2 concert in Montreal on June 16. Luxenberg, a longtime fan of the band that formed in 1976, before the dental student was born, attended the concert alone at […]

Fibbers or flossers?

Fourteen percent of adults would rather clean the toilet. Nine percent would rather sit in gridlock traffic for an hour. And 7 percent would rather listen to small children crying on a plane. This according to a survey (results shown above courtesy of American Academy of Periodontology) completed on behalf of the AAP and released this week […]

Are you chewing enough parsley?

As if you didn’t already view enough solutions to finally defeat bad breath in Lifehacker’s outrageous video (shown here), a story by the site’s Mihir Patkar will have you waiting with bated breath to try a few more. Among all-natural ingredients that Tipnut suggests you can chew to temporarily counter your bad breath: sprigs of parsley and whole cloves. If […]

Paid paternity/maternity leave (grandparents, too!) fits with Benco Dental’s ‘family culture’

Dads, Daddies, Nanas, PopPops, Bobes, Grannies, Abuelos, Opas,  rejoice! Though paternity leave is rarely paid, one dental distribution company offers benefits along the lines of Richard Branson, billionaire investor and founder of the Virgin Group, in setting examples that might change trend. Benco Dental even added one day of pay for grandparents who work at the business. Branson recently announced he would offer a […]

INQUIRING MIND: Inventor and Implant Specialist Dr. Samuel Lee

Inventor and implant specialist Dr. Samuel Lee spent a few moments speaking with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine. His commentary illustrates why humility and curiosity are two of a dentist’s most useful tools. “Without better techniques, dentistry would get boring. The International Academy of Dental Implantology is dedicated to research and education. New inventions always keep […]