Dr. Howard Farran keeps it simple.

Anyone who follows this social media magnate’s running commentary knows two maxims to be true: Dr. Howard Farran is nothing, if not practical, and his straight-shooting style rarely misses its mark.

That his latest offering presents in book form, entitled “Uncomplicate Business,” means good news for dental professionals and other aspiring entrepreneurs who enjoy the written word.

As the founder and publisher of Dentaltown Magazine, Dr. Farran has grown his brand to more than 120,000 dentists strong in 43 countries and further built on its success by founding Hygienetown.com, Orthotown.com and the flagship site, Dentaltown.com where more than 140,000 registered dental professionals share information with each other on a daily basis.

So he knows a little something about business acumen.

In his book, Dr. Farran aims to share that mastery in a digestible format that demonstrates running a business isn’t all that complicated – if, you’re focusing on what he describes as the “right three areas”:
-People: maximizing the potential of employees, customers, and yourself.
-Time: mastering the efficiency that helps a business turn the biggest profit possible.
-Money: learning to love the numbers that function as the business’s scorecard.

Readers can expect simplicity, good humor, and plenty of stories.

Learn more at: http://www.howardfarran.com/product/uncomplicate-business/

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