The Great Oil Boom

By Larry Cohen/ Benco Dental Chairman and Chief Customer Advocate One of the great, less-appreciated advances of the twentieth cen­tury was hydraulics. While the concept of using liquids to create force had been around for centuries, a true breakthrough came in 1906, when a system based on hydraulic oil was used to move the guns […]

UNLV gives chairside manner a boost

By Ali Majikes/Special to Picture this: you’re an hour into your root canal procedure. You can’t stop fidgeting, you’re anxious and the sound of the handpiece is making your skin crawl. Then your dentist utters two little words put you over the edge: “uh-oh” “Dentists say silly stuff all the time,” Dr. Phillip Devore said. […]

40 Under 40 – take one!

Thankfully, a break in classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 27th Street, NY, NY, frees Forbes stylist Joseph DeAcetis @JosephDeAcetis, who serves as a professor and instructor at the school, for two days devoted to dentistry, or rather, to dentists. Between wrapping a spring semester course, Menswear Image Consulting – Fit, Balance, Proportion, and jetting off to Fashion Week in London, […]

Who wouldn’t want to meet Randall Lane?

The spoils of success. That descriptor might be underselling the two-day whirlwind set to greet America’s best young dentists in New York City later this week. Especially when the itinerary includes face time with Forbes Editor Randall Lane @RandallLane, an exclusive high fashion photo experience at one of Manhattan’s most elegant waterfront venues – Current […]