Do you have a reluctant smile? Repairing it can be a magical experience.

By Kelsi Matylewicz/Benco Dental Social Media Intern Whether eliminating physical pain from your daily life,  conquering a “reluctant” smile, or even “selling beauty,” it’s difficult to put a price on a better tomorrow. A New York Times report on noninvasive cosmetic surgery, such as veneers, explains how they have helped three people feel more confident about their look. Philip […]

Florida trio finds life-changing success first time around

The Dentistry from the Heart concept, which since 2001 has inspired thousands of dentists to provide aid to the growing number of Americans without dental insurance, changes lives with every event. Since its inception, registered non-profit organization  has grown to include over 200 annual events nationwide and has provided more than 60,000 people with an estimated $8 million in […]

Usain Bolt who?

By Alison Majikes/Special to While some 95-year-old men struggle with mobility, Dr. Charles Eugester just set the bar a lot higher for his age bracket. The dentist, who hails from the United Kingdom, smashed the world record for the 200-meter dash back in March. According to an article on, Dr. Eugster set the […]

Put some muscle in it.

By Kelsi Matylewicz/ Benco Dental Social Media Intern According to the, St. Louis Blues, forward Ryan Reaves was checked into the glass on Sunday by Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook. After the hard hit, Reaves went to the bench and calmly dug around in his mouth until he found the loose tooth. Next, he pulled […]

1 in 88

By Kelsi Matylewicz/Benco Dental Social Media Intern This statistic refers to the number of children in the United States born with Autism. “Autistic patients, as well as patients with similar behavioral and possibly intellectual challenges, present a unique challenge for dentists, as well as parents. Most dental procedures involve the use of bright lights, loud noises, and […]

Men: news you can use

By Kelsi Matylewicz/Benco Dental Social Media Intern Most people have heard that poor dental care is linked to heart disease, but have you heard another connection exists from oral care to erectile dysfunction? According to reporter Danielle Austin, that is the case. In the study, men with erectile dysfunction (ED) were 79 percent more likely to have been […]