Can a sinister-sounding dinosaur convince kids to brush their teeth?

“Cognitoys” is the name of these Internet-connected smart toys that learn and grow. This little green dinosaur, created by Element Path,  is a new and interactive toy that communicates with children. Conversation happens through the powers of wireless communication and cloud computing. According to, when the dinosaur is asked “What’s on Mars?” it quickly […]

Chchchchanges. Some musicians say yes to new teeth. Others, not so much.

By Alison Majikes/Special to

The artist who in the past created a tooth pendant and the sculpture “Tooth Nuckles” recently received notoriety for a replica of one musical icon’s imperfect smile.

Recently interviewed by, artist Jessine Hein, a German painter and sculptor, made a reproduction of singer

Artist Jessine Hein wearing a tooth mask. (Courtesy Jessine Hein)
Artist Jessine Hein wearing a tooth mask. (Courtesy Jessine Hein)

David Bowie’s natural teeth.

Bowie underwent cosmetic dental treatment in the early 1990s, and the artist said she was “nostalgically longing back to Bowie’s old teeth”.

The famous rocker, who got a new set of pearly whites over 20 years ago, isn’t the first artist to upgrade his teeth for the sake of appearance.

According to an article on Buzzfeed, when Bowie underwent his procedure, he joined the ranks of many other artists who did the same, like Celine Dion, Leann Rimes, Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani (who famously sported braces back in early years of her No Doubt fame).

But not every artist will willingly change their teeth to please others.

Freddie Mercury, the late frontman of “Queen”, famously never changed the appearance of his teeth for the fear that it would alter the unique sound of his voice.

In an article on in 2010, Rudi Dolezal, the director of the film Freddie Mercury: The Untold Story said, “”We all know that Freddie Mercury had very strange teeth and we would all ask ourselves, ‘A guy who was that rich, why didn’t he change his teeth?’ He was very afraid that if he changed his teeth that his particular sound of [his voice] would go away. So he was more concerned with his voice than his looks, and I think that says a lot about the man.”

To read more about Bowie’s teeth and Hein:

Who cares about kids? PRO-SYS and the LCCC Benco Dental Clinic.

At a Kids’ Cavity Prevention Day this weekend in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, all children will receive PRO-SYS® Toothbrushes and Toothgel, along with an Iris Varnish treatment The Luzerne County Community College Benco Dental Clinic will host the annual event March 28 from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. For children ages three to 16, the program will include dental exams, sealants, dental X-rays, oral […]

Implant manufacturer to customers: ‘So, what’s holding you up?’

“We’re hanging a CEO by the ceiling.”

Jeff Gerber, Creative Director of the commercial, “Become an #OriginalStraumann,” described the intensity found on the set, prior to a stunt completed by the Straumann CEO.

In the video, Marco Gadola is suspended upside down from just four Straumann dental implants, which is used to demonstrate the performance of Straumann’s dental implant system. Gadola decided to do this commercial because he wanted to share his 100% confidence in the precision and reliability of the implant system with his customers. He wanted to show this not only through his words, but also his actions.

Four implants and abutments — each smaller than a matchstick — normally create a channel of connection between a crown (tooth replacement) and a dental patient’s jawbone. But it’s not often that a company leader goes to such extreme measures to present the value proposition of his product.

The commercial clip is the cornerstone of an awareness campaign to underline the importance of original Straumann prosthetic components for long-term implant treatment.

“Our ultimate goal at Straumann is to instill complete confidence – in our products, our services and our people,” said Gadola.

Think you’re too busy for a practice redesign?

Dr. Mark Tholen will help dentists discover the “Design Secrets of the Highly Productive Practice” as well as share a ROI formula for those considering new construction or redesign.

Two days remain to sign up for the CenterPoint Design Seminar  April 9 and 10  at Benco Dental’s CenterPoint Orange County showroom in Costa Mesa, California.

The seminar focus and resources include:

  • Discovering the Design Secrets of the Highly Productive Practice
  • Examining Ergonomics of the Operatory
  • Cost Segregating & Real Estate
  • Marketing Tools
  • The Power of Interior Design
  • Construction & Project Timeline
  • Demographics

In addition to keynote speaker Dr. Tholen, the seminar features guest speakers from Transitions North America, Cain Watters, Doctor Demographics, Clarion Financial, Pelton and Crane and CenterPoint Design and Construction.