Going to the chapel and they’re going to stay married. (Dentists, that is.)

An individual’s occupation can tell you a lot about the chances of him or her being single, married, divorced, or in some other relationship arrangement.

In 1950, power plant operators had the highest marriage rates, according to businessweek.com. By 2010, stability-seekers had turned to the health-care professions. More likely than not, people will continue to have mouths, which gives dentists the kind of job security that can strengthen a relationship. This appears to reign true since dentists have the highest rate of marriage for any profession, which according to Census data and data from the American Community Survey, is 81 percent.

Want to know who’s most likely to hit the bricks? View the whole story and charts concerning marriage and divorce rates, at Don’t Take These Jobs If You Want to Get Married, Bloomburg Businessweek.


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