Gouda news. Some SuperBowl snacks are safer for your smile.

A party tray shaped like a football field can feature endless varieties of cheese and serve as a SuperBowl buffet of tooth-strengthening calcium and a protein called casein. Gouda, White Cheddar, Havarti and Chipotle Jack — all effective in protecting the surface of your teeth. The example shown above, as part of a pre-Bowl party planner by grandslamsmiles.com, also features kale turf, red […]

Anesthesia-free laser procedures with no bleeding, no drilling? No kidding.

No vibration or loud noise with this laser. “Often times, my preparations with Solea are completely drill-free, resulting in an entirely different experience for my patients,” said North Haven, CT, private practitioner David Fantarella, DMD, who has been using hard- and soft-tissue lasers since 2008. Solea, by Convergent Dental, is the first CO2 laser system […]