Gouda news. Some SuperBowl snacks are safer for your smile.

A party tray shaped like a football field can feature endless varieties of cheese and serve as a SuperBowl buffet of tooth-strengthening calcium and a protein called casein. Gouda, White Cheddar, Havarti and Chipotle Jack — all effective in protecting the surface of your teeth. The example shown above, as part of a pre-Bowl party planner by grandslamsmiles.com, also features kale turf, red […]

Anesthesia-free laser procedures with no bleeding, no drilling? No kidding.

No vibration or loud noise with this laser. “Often times, my preparations with Solea are completely drill-free, resulting in an entirely different experience for my patients,” said North Haven, CT, private practitioner David Fantarella, DMD, who has been using hard- and soft-tissue lasers since 2008. Solea, by Convergent Dental, is the first CO2 laser system […]

Good news for teeth in Kansas

The state that served as home to the practice of first female dentist, Lucy Hobbs, is shifting gears for its dental hygiene students. The Kansas Board of Regents recently recommended that all dental hygiene programs in the state align, which could inadvertently open more spots for those interested in pursuing the competitive field. “Within the last five years […]

Lying through her teeth.

In the Steven Spielberg‘s 2002 film Catch Me If You Can, Leonardo DiCaprio portrays a criminal who before his 21st birthday worked as a doctor, a lawyer, and a co-pilot for a major airline using his powers of deception. His character, loosely based on con artist Frank Abagnale Jr., did it all without the help of YouTube. He never actually […]