Want to leave impressions in the hands of experts?

Manufactured by Medit, a leading developer of structured light 3D scanners, colLab suggests a fast and easy solution for those who want the speed of CAD/CAM but would prefer to leave impression-making in the hands of experts.

Their solution – colLab Zone- provides an option similar to having a laboratory at your practice.

According to colLab, you can provide your patients with the perfect-fit restorations by simply sending your impression data and receiving the completed results just in your clinic.

A team of 3D design experts who have on average 5-years of CAD/CAM experience provide 3D design services. Therefore, the precise margin lines, contact areas, and the bite of the restorations as well as the production of any restorations that have an ideal tooth shape are guaranteed.

Benefits include: time savings, precision, high quality restorations, all-ceramic materials, shortened chair time, among others.

To find out more, visit: http://www.collab.zone/en/collab

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