Wish you had a Green Lifesaver at your practice?

Dr. Michael Rogers runs Complete Health Dentistry of NEPA, a general, cosmetic and restorative practice in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. A proponent of overall wellness, he makes sure his patients know how their dental health affects the rest of their body.

Dr. Michael Rogers
Dr. Michael Rogers

He didn’t fully appreciate how strongly he’d be able to back up his words when he took delivery of a new Vatech GreenCT device this past April. Two weeks later, Dr. Rogers spotted significant calcification in an older patient’s carotid artery during a routine 3D scan (shown). He recommended immediate medical attention, and his patient was able to get prompt care.

“The GreenCT let us see what we didn’t realize was there and save our patient from a potential heart attack or stroke,” Dr. Rogers says. “It has given us the ability to partner with our local physicians in viewing dentistry and medicine as an integral part of patients’ overall well-being.”

Read more about a Virginia orthodontist who incorporate this low dose radiation digital radiography  into his practice in an Incisal Edge dental lifestyle feature story:


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