art worlds collide

CAPTION: Dr. Nathalie Zenian McOmber of Howell, NJ, models necklace ‘firefly’ by Christine Brandt, which features African Black Ebony and Vanadinite on Barite. Photo courtesy Jeff Fried. Dental enhancement, certainly, can be classified as wearable art. Especially in the sense that an effortless, memorable smile transcends time and place. Celebrities have built entire brands on their smiles (think Julia […]

What do 2 dentists, an architect, a professor and a visionary have in common?

The 2nd annual Incisal Edge Design Awards sponsored by Clarion Financial, for one. Dentists, dental students, architects and interior designers might be a few photos away from winning a $1,000 prize in the competition. Nominations will be accepted and winners awarded $1,000 in each of the contest’s five  categories: new construction, repurposed practice, eco-friendly practice, specialty practice and Design […]