Should Michael Bublé get a tattooed tooth?

I can see it now: a tiny tuxedo, maybe a microphone or even a holly wreath (after all, this Grammy-award winner corners the market on Christmas Special cachet.)

The prerequisites are in play.

1. Missing tooth. Check. Michael Bublé accidentally knocked his out with a microphone onstage last week.

2. Signature smile. Check. The dimpled grin of the Canadian heart throb has earned swoons from Disneyland to Denmark.

3. Trendsetting tendencies. Check. He’s covered a One Direction song.

4. Six Million Dollar Man factor. Check. In the words of Oscar Goldman: “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.” (Gratuitous reference to 1970s TV hero Steve Austin, a bionically-enhanced astronaut turned secret agent.) According to a recent CNN report, dentists can imprint tooth tattoos on crowns — fired in an oven at 1200ºF –for the bargain rate of $100 (in addition to the cost of the procedure and crown, of course.) 

The question remains: Should the classic crooner alter his pearly whites?

This MolarMuse votes no.

But Mr. Bublé might want to consider the CAD/CAM endorsement possibilities.

He’s got Noah’s college tuition to think about.



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