Nothing C.A.S.U.A.L. about this show of support

Caption: Benco Dental associates raise funds to promote colon cancer awareness and screenings. Shown on March 27, wearing the color of support, are associates, from left:  Michelle Waschek, Jennifer Powlus, Florence Marchesano, Janna Buchholz, Diane Schafer, Kim Egroff, Michelle Lees, Michelle Kovaleski, Jerry Phillips. C.A.S.U.A.L (Colon cancer Awareness Saves Unlimited Adult Lives) Day, instituted by the Northeast […]

No fuss, no muss. One expert shares his impressions.

Which simple, cost-effective and necessary material can be found at any dental practice? Points if you guessed alginate. The catch: few can make alginate impressions right the first time. Mess-free? That’s asking a lot. Or not. Howard Strassler, DMD, a professor and the Director of Operative Dentistry at the University of Maryland Dental School who practices in Pikesville, Md., shares […]