Did a dental lecture lead to this shocking discovery?

The late Alfred Porter Southwick’s most important contribution to dentistry was the development of a treatment for cleft palates, using an implant of his own design. But Google this mechanic -turned -dentist and you will undoubtedly discover the long range result of his research to use low-voltage electrical current for alleviating pain during dental treatment: his involvement in […]

Avoid license suspension and allay patient fears

An oral surgeon in Tulsa, Okla. A dentist in York, Pa. Their commonalty: exposing patients to possible risk of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) because they allegedly ignored appropriate infection control procedures. An Incisal Edge article shares perspective investigative journalist Anna Merlan gained after speaking with health department officials and former patients of Dr. Wayne […]

Options in Dental Implantology

For hands-on learners who seek live patient surgery experience, mini residency programs may be a perfect fit. Through the International Academy of Dental Implantology (IADI), Dr. Samuel Lee has been offering four and five-day mini-residency implant training across the globe. This spring and summer, opportunities include sessions in Tecate, Mexico; Santiago, Chile and Dongyang, China. Another […]

Want to prevent disease? So does the ADA.

Prevention  and early detection of oral cancer are among topics tackled by ADA President Dr. Charles H. Norman III this week. He introduces the Action for Dental Health paper, Bringing Disease Prevention into Communities. “The two most prevalent dental pathologies—tooth decay and gum disease—are almost entirely preventable. Education about the dangers of tobacco and alcohol use can, […]

In the photo, Kenny Loggins is on the left, Georgia Middleman is in the middle, and Gary Burr is on the right.

Reinvention at the convention: Kenny Loggins avoids ‘Danger Zone’ of complacency

By Chuck Cohen/ Managing Director, Benco Dental Last week, I was privileged to attend the annual Seattle Study Club Symposium in Scottsdale.  I attend about 10 dental meetings a year, and the SSC Symposium is, by far, the finest.  Not only does the program feature world-class clinical lectures and inspirational, non-clinical keynotes, the SSC team […]

Heat turns up in GA over dental implants on dogs

Georgia Regents University defended the school’s experimental dental implant procedures on dogs. But after the Humane Society‘s announcement of the school’s canine purchases from Class B vendors – vendors that can buy animals from shelters and other unknown sources,  the school has made some changes. Since the story broke in November, and an undercover video from The Humane Society Investigation of a dog experiencing a painful procedure went viral, the school has since changed their vendor choices. Now, they use solely Class A vendors – vendors that obtain animals specifically bred for clinical trials. The Humane Society  announced publicly that they will attempt to get the school to stop performing dental implants on dogs completely.

Read more from The Republic Columbus, Indiana here.


Regional Managers’ Meeting Leaving Crowd Inspired

During a recent Benco Dental Regional Managers’ meeting in AZ, the team had the opportunity to meet and  be inspired by W. Mitchell, author of ‘It’s Not What Happens to You, It’s What You Do About It.‘ Mitchell, who was burned in a severe fire and later paralyzed in a completely separate accident writes to tell his story and to help heal others.

“…nothing, absolutely nothing is absolute. Your life is entirely what you decide it is. It is your spaceship, your up, your down. The universe starts in your head and spreads out into the world. Change what happens in your head, and the universe changes.” – W. Mitchell


Photo: Benco Vice President of Sales, Mike McElaney and Vice President of Marketing, Paul Jackson with Mitchell.