Did a dental lecture lead to this shocking discovery?

The late Alfred Porter Southwick’s most important contribution to dentistry was the development of a treatment for cleft palates, using an implant of his own design.
But Google this mechanic -turned -dentist and you will undoubtedly discover the long range result of his research to use low-voltage electrical current for alleviating pain during dental treatment: his involvement in developing the electric chair.
According the American National Biography Online:
“In 1877 the New York Dental Association recognized Southwick’s achievement (cleft palate treatment) by inviting him to lecture on the treatment at its annual meeting. Southwick then turned his research focus to the use of low-voltage electrical current for alleviating pain during dental treatment.”
Thirteen years and many experiments to find a more “humane method” of capital punishment later, Southwick’s journey progressed, according to anb.org
“In the summer of 1890 Southwick accepted (New York) Governor (David) Hill’s invitation to Auburn to witness the first execution of a prisoner by means of the electric chair. The press descended en masse upon the small Finger Lakes town, creating one of the first international media events, in which Southwick was proclaimed ‘father of the electric chair.’ “

Avoid license suspension and allay patient fears

An oral surgeon in Tulsa, Okla. A dentist in York, Pa.
Their commonalty: exposing patients to possible risk of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) because they allegedly ignored appropriate infection control procedures.
An Incisal Edge article shares perspective investigative journalist Anna Merlan gained after speaking with health department officials and former patients of Dr. Wayne Scott Harrington in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Read the full story on Dr. Harrington here:

Find details of the investigation of York dentist Dr. Jacqueline A. Marcin and the outcome at:
http://www.ydr.com/ci_23971976/springettsbury-township-dentists-license-reinstated-by-state-board http://fox43.com/2013/06/04/department-of-health-investigating-york-county-dentist/#ixzz2rokbzA2N

Infection prevention expert Mary Govoni CDA, RDA, RDH, MBA, outlines here protocol for instrument management that can help dentists put patient safety first:

Options in Dental Implantology

For hands-on learners who seek live patient surgery experience, mini residency programs may be a perfect fit. Through the International Academy of Dental Implantology (IADI), Dr. Samuel Lee has been offering four and five-day mini-residency implant training across the globe. This spring and summer, opportunities include sessions in Tecate, Mexico; Santiago, Chile and Dongyang, China.

Another option, the cadaver three-day course, will be held at the Dental Implant Center in Burlington, Mass., in June and December of this year and features topics such as the crestal window through the socket, the lateral window technique, connective tissue harvest and palatal implant, to name a few.
For details, visit:


Want to prevent disease? So does the ADA.

Prevention  and early detection of oral cancer are among topics tackled by ADA President Dr. Charles H. Norman III this week.
He introduces the Action for Dental Health paper, Bringing Disease Prevention into Communities.
“The two most prevalent dental pathologies—tooth decay and gum disease—are almost entirely preventable. Education about the dangers of tobacco and alcohol use can, by leading to behavioral changes, help prevent oral cancer. For patients with oral cancers, early detection yields a much greater survival rate than those whose disease has progressed undetected. Significant facial trauma can be prevented with the use of mouth guards and other protective equipment in recreational sports,” Dr. Norman said. “Disease prevention is the object of increasing focus in all of health care and holds the greatest promise for continued success.”

Read the ADA report at: http://www.ada.org/news/9549.aspx


Color it forward in a Wicked Cool! way

Creative genius unleashed. That about describes the offer from Tom’s of Maine. The Kennebunk, Maine company plans to donate 10 tubes of Wicked Cool! natural kids toothpaste to Oral Health America (OHA) – up to 200,000 tubes -with every free download of their new coloring book “Brushing Fun.” Read the full story at DentalTown.com, including details of  how parents can show off their family’s generous spirit and coloring prowess to win weekly prizes: http://www.dentaltown.com/Dentaltown/IndustryNews.aspx?action=DETAILS&rid=8781