How to Choose Flooring for Your Dental Practice

Flooring that will stand the test of time is as essential as choosing a comfortable, sturdy dental chair at a dental practice. You want your patient to feel secure. You want the dexterity to give them a perfect smile; likewise, you want vinyl flooring that’s safe, durable and attractive so you can give your patients excellent care in a stylish environment.

“In the world of dentistry, we have seen Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) become a staple of the dental office floor. These floors can be found almost always in operatories, but we have also seen a trend using this material not only in the clinical area, but within the whole office.”

Amanda Griffith, CenterPoint Design Interior Designer

The Mohawk Group offers contemporary Luxury Vinyl Tile (shown at top) style that looks great in an operatory, office or reception room. Before you begin your design plans, there are factors to chew over. Maybe you’re expanding your practice or are planning to start your first. Here are five things to consider before you buy a vinyl floor:


When you purchase flooring, especially if it’s your first time, it’s important to remember you’re buying commercial vinyl versus residential vinyl. Commercial vinyl flooring applications require a 20 mil wear layer in order to withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment. Wear layer in an important factor to consider when choosing LVT. Vinyl flooring can be measured by different wear layer thicknesses, such as 12, 20, 30, or 40 mils.

Commercial vinyl flooring typically ranges in thickness from 2.5 mm to 3 mm. Some commercial spaces install vinyl up to 5 mm, which allows the vinyl floor to align with the height of the carpet.

The image features Shaw Contact “Cut” with a Cacao finish in 18″ x 18″ sections.

The photo above features Shaw Contact’s “Cut” LVT with two-to-three vertical accents in either brass metallic or nickel metallic. The unique visual of Cut mimics natural end-cut wood floors in which individual woodblock tiles connect in an imperfect, organic installation; therefore, individual woodblock visuals do not align.

“LVT has come a long way over the years with high-performance value, an array of aesthetic designs, and many benefits such as durability, cleanability, water resistance, price, life span, and maintenance.”

Amanda Griffith, CenterPoint Design Interior Designer

Texture & Size

Two characteristics, texture and size, should be considered when selecting a vinyl floor. Textures range from smooth to light texture to highly textured.

Patcraft Oxidized
Oxidized by Patcraft; photo grab from

Vinyl flooring also has a variety of size options, such as 4 inch to 9 inch wide planks to 24 inch by 24 inch wide tiles to everything in between. If you are looking for something a bit unique, you can also find hexagon and triangle shaped vinyl flooring. Whatever your preference, there is one to fit your style and need.

The photo above shows Oxidized tiles by Patcraft.


Strength is an essential factor in flooring. But if it doesn’t look good, why buy it? The LVT you purchase will be in your office for years, if not decades. Choosing vinyl that enhances your practice’s appeal will introduce an allure your patients will appreciate.

Mannington - Amtico Wood
Amtico Wood by Mannington; screengrab from

Mannington Commercial provides a wide-array of LVT design options to match your existing or planned dental practice, such as their Amtico Wood, (seen above).


Many dentists choose to put LVT throughout their practices due to the fact that it requires little maintenance. Shaw Contact features ExoGuardTM, an exclusive urethane finish that protects against commercial traffic and requires no polishing.

ExoGuardTM consists of two elements. First, a top coat adds resistance to scratches, scuffing, and staining. Second, a primer coat — a layer added to the topcoat — adds adhesion and durability. Having LVT with this type of top layer can reduce the frequency and cost of cleaning services, saving you time and money.


Luxury vinyl floors are designed to last. Every LVT floor provider mentioned in this article offers a limited commercial 10-year warranty, at a minimum.

Tarkett - IndigenousEarth_
Indigenous Earth by Tarkett; photo grab from

Like any new product you buy, you want to see it, touch it—even walk on it! If you’re ready to order new LVT for your practice, visit one of three CenterPoint Design showrooms of the nation’s leading dental supplier, Benco Dental.

“Whether you are refreshing an old space or building new, LVT is a great option,” Amanda Griffith, CenterPoint Design Interior Designer at Benco Dental.


Disclaimer: Warranty claims are subject to manufacturer approval. 

6 Neat Things to help you grow your practice

BB VPS Transfer Connector & Ribbon Holder

Never waste impression material again!

  • Transfer impression material left from one cartridge to another
  • Reusable ribbon holders enable a strong connection between cartridges
  • 100 transfer connectors & 5 ribbon holders

Read more about the VPS Transfer Connector & Ribbon Holder here.

Clorox Versa Sure Wipes


VersaSure Alcohol-Free Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes by Clorox –  Are you looking for a disinfectant wipe that is Alcohol-free with low odor and low residue? It kills bacteria and fungus, including MRSA and TB, in 2 minutes!

Read more about the Clorox Versa Sure Wipes here.

Gant Bibs

The only self-adhesive bib without tabs. No more bib chains to sterilize. Bibs stick to patient, with non-irritating/toxic adhesive. Repositionable, keeps patients clothing stain-free, twice the size of ordinary bibs. Four sizes Classic, Signature, Surgical and Pediatric.

GantGuard bibs are unlike any ordinary cloth, plastic and paper bibs. The new GantGuard™ Dental and Surgical Bibs protect more of the patient’s clothing while eliminating cross contamination. There is no more costly, cold and uncomfortable alligator clips, chains and sterilization and they free up storage space while saving practices’ money.
GantGuard bibs keep patient clothing clean, stain-free and dry and are almost twice the size of ordinary bibs.

Simply snap open the bib and the adhesive activates. The Dental and Surgical Bibs also reposition easily and are completely disposable, eliminating alligator clip sterilization and cross contamination. There is a perforated neck cut-out area covers clothing and collars, providing greater coverage and comfort.
They offer patented non-toxic, non-irritating adhesive that adheres easily and comfortably to cloth or skin and leaves no residue. Gant Bibs are ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10:2010 Certified.

Gant bibs are proudly made in the USA and available in 2-ply and Blue, Mauve, Periwinkle, White or Gray. GantGuard Classic Dental bibs measure 18”x16” and 500 bibs per case, Signature Dental bibs measure 18” x 22” and Surgical bibs measure 19”x 29; both come 640 bibs per case, and Pediatric bibs measure 13.5” x 16.5” and come 800 bibs per case.

Read more about the Gant Bibs here.

Ivoclar Cervitec

Cervitec Plus varnish is formulated to protect at-risk, exposed and sensitive tooth surfaces. The proven combination of 1% chlorhexidine and 1% thymol firmly adheres to tooth surfaces creating a shield of long-lasting protection. Transparent clear varnish.

Read more about the Ivoclar Cervitecs here.

SciCan G4 Statclave

This Class B sterilizer has new features and a sleek design. Go from dirty to sterilized and dry in 38 minutes. The G4 technology connects and sends information to your smart devices so you can have vital notifications at your fingertips.

Read more about the SciCan G4 Statclave here.

VOCO Admira fusion xtra

One omni-chromatic shade. 4mm depth of cure. Easy to polish, highly stain resistant with a high gloss. Low initial shrinkage of only 1.25%. 100% BPA-Free. Non-stick handling. 84% filled with superior physical properties.



  • x-tra low shrinkage
  • x-tra depth of cure
  • x-tra high biocompatibility

Single-shade omni-chromatic restorative with a 4 mm depth of cure

  • Only ONE omni-chromatic shade; no guesswork and no more wasted shades
  • 4 mm depth of cure – saves time
  • Easy to polish, highly stain resistant with a high gloss
  • Exceptional longevity with low initial shrinkage of only 1.25 % (v/v)
  • 100% BPA-Free with no classic monomers for higher biocompatibility
  • Based on VOCO’s successful nano-ORMOCER Technology
  • Available in capsules and syringes
  • Non-stick handling
  • 84% filled with superior physical properties

Read more about the VOCO Admira fusion xtra here.

Arguments for equality in dentistry and in life #tbt #WomensEqualityDay

The blog is part of a series paying tribute to pioneers in dentistry. Celebrate changemaking women in dentistry at the 7th annual Lucy Hobbs Project Celebration, set for October 3-5 at The Blackstone in Chicago. Register today:

I am writing this post on August 26, #WomensEqualityDay. It’s the 99th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, that gave women the right to vote. Today, I’m focusing on a few voices that advocated for and against allowing women to practice dentistry. There were many against, but only a few brave souls who felt women were equal to men and that dentistry was a place where women could excel.

Sarah Grimke, Early Suffragette

I ask no favors for my sex. All I ask our brethren is that they will take their feet off our necks. – Sarah Grimke, early suffragette.

Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor

The Dental Times Dispute

If you follow The Lucy Hobbs Project, you’re familiar with the story of Lucy Hobbs, the young woman who sought a career as a dentist, but was constantly denied entrance to dental school based solely on her gender. This was common across a range of educational institutes; law schools, medical schools, and dental schools, among others, frequently denied women admittance to their programs.

Dental Times

Around the same time Lucy Hobbs was finishing up her dental studies in Ohio, a dispute was brewing in Pennsylvania between the pages of The Dental Times, featuring arguments both for and against allowing women to be dentists.

The 1866, Volume III, Number 4 issue of The Dental Times featured two articles, one advocating for women in dentistry, and the other arguing they are “not fitted physically for such taxing work”.


The first article is the Valedictory address of James Truman, DDS, dean of the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery from 1865-1876. In it, he states:

The recognition of the right of every human being to an equal share in the privileges that we enjoy, has not yet become a principle of faith and practice, as I think it should. We say to one-half of the human family, stitch, stitch, darn stockings, make shoes for a shilling, stand behind counters for two or three dollars per week, do anything, but don’t enter the sacred precincts that we have marked out for our peculiar benefit…Talent is of no sex, color or clime…

This thought was revolutionary for the time and Dr. Truman knew it.

…It may be that I stand alone in these views, both with the Faculty of this College and the audience; but I trust not, as in my judgement, the advancement of the world depends, to a large extent, upon their adoption.

The Opposing View


Within the same scientific journal, there came the opposing view, with the glaring title, “Dental Surgery – Should Females Practice It?” Its author, Dr. George T. Barker, editor of The Dental Times, emphatically believed women were not suited for the physical rigors of dentistry.

Dr. Barker states, in part:

Should females be encouraged to enter the dental profession? I contend they should not, and it is with no disrespect that the assertion is made. The same reason holds good against females practicing dentistry that it does against a feeble male, for the reasons as previously stated. The very form and structure of a woman unfit her for its duties…

By 1872, three women were admitted to the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery; however, after completing the first year, they were not allowed to return because they were women. When that occurred, there was a dissenting vote by a member of the faculty. The matter then was brought to a committee of members of the board, who rendered the decision that “a student could not be cast out without due cause.” In 1874, two of the three women graduated from the college. Obviously some agreed with Dean Truman, regarding women in dentistry.


On this #WomensEqualityDay, we are glad that more and more people are of the mind of Dr. Truman rather than Dr. Barker. Here’s to more women in dentistry and to the pioneers, like Lucy Hobbs Taylor, Henriette Hirschfeld, and others who defied convention to become dentists.

Next year, the 19th Amendment turns 100! Here’s to more “firsts” for women!

About the blogger

Guest blogger Jenn Ochman, Database Publishing Production Specialist in the Branding and Communication Department at Benco Dental, dedicates her time outside work to historical reenactment. She shares knowledge of dental history with readers on a monthly basis.

MOM Pittsburgh: An oral health three-peat

This year, as of 3 a.m. on Friday, July 26, over 250 people were already lined up outside PPG Paints Arena – the city’s downtown hockey arena. A few hours later at 6 a.m., the 2019 Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh Free Dental Clinic opened its doors to the community.

In the two days that followed, 1,302 patients received hope and healing at the hands of 1,469 care providers. The clinic provides services at no charge to adults and children age 2 and up; there are no income or eligibility requirements. Patients – many from working families – attend because they lack dental insurance or access to dental care.

Photos courtesy TeleTrackingTechnologies

A solution born out of need

The idea for establishing an annual dental care event in Pittsburgh was born out of conversations between Dr. Daniel Pituch; Dr. Richard M. Celko; and Michael Zamagias, chairman and chief executive officer of the Pittsburgh-based healthcare technology company TeleTracking Technologies, Inc., who together saw the need in the community to provide this service on an annual basis.

In 2017 it came to fruition in the form of Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh, a free, two-day dental clinic, presented by A Call to Care, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

Photos courtesy TeleTrackingTechnologies

‘No patient is turned away due to lack of capacity’

What keeps it rolling? The entire event is run and staffed by volunteers.

  • 176 Dentists (9 Endodontists, 7 Non-clinical, 11 Pediatric Dentists, 4 Prosthodontists, 4 Radiologists, 73 Restorative, 5 Routing, 46 Surgery, 17 Triage)
  • 90 Hygienists
  • 164 TeleTracking employees

Hear them in action in an NPR report by WESA’s Katie Blackley:

The costs of presenting (PPG Paints Arena rental, materials, dental equipment, supplies, and more) are made possible by the generosity of dedicated partners, sponsors and funders, according to Kayleigh Fontana, Marketing Campaign Manager for

Dr. Gordon Christiansen, Founder and CEO of Practical Clinical Courses, with Benco Dental’s Jim Stoyanoff, who attended the July event in support. Benco invited two Equipment Support Technicians to donate their time and labor for the entirety of the two-day event. Also the dental distributor donated $5,000 in merchandise discounts and more than 300 volunteer hours by Benco associates.

“The clinic has grown each year, increasing the number of dental chairs (from 50 chairs in 2017 to 100 chairs in 2019) and volunteers each year to meet the need. No patient is turned away due to lack of capacity.”

Kayleigh Fontana, Marketing Campaign Manager for
One of the Mission Leaders Richard M. Celko, DMD, MBA, with a patient at the 2019 event.

How does it make a difference?

By establishing this clinic as an annual event, Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh makes it possible for individuals with limited access to dental care to see a dental professional at least once a year.

Services provided include:
* full dental exam,
* X-rays,
* cleanings,
* minor restorative fillings,
* extractions,
* root canal treatments on select teeth,
* oral hygiene instruction, and
* temporary partial dental appliances

Data gathered from a survey of Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh patients in 2018 revealed that 45 percent of patients who attended the clinic had experienced dental pain for more than a year, and 25 percent reported visiting the emergency department for dental pain.
Research shows that poor oral health has a significant impact on overall health, including premature birth and an increased risk of cancer. The bacteria present in oral infections has been found to contribute to the risk for heart disease and stroke. Studies have found that having damaged, broken or missing teeth impacts an individual’s sense of confidence, well-being, and employability, as well as earning power.
Photos courtesy TeleTracking Technologies

Want to participate in 2020?

For news on the 2020 Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh dental clinic, and opportunities to volunteer next year, follow Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh on Facebook at and Twitter @MOM_PGH.

Want to donate or volunteer? Visit:

Dr. Charmaine Ng is a Woman to Watch in dentistry

This fall, the Lucy Hobbs Project will host its 7th annual Celebration honoring women in dentistry. The event, hosted in partnership with Cameo Dental Specialists on October 3-5, 2019 at The Blackstone, Chicago will feature a lineup of inspirational and insightful guest speakers and panelists in line with the theme, Mind+Body+Spirit and close with a give back session to benefit the nonprofit organization Let It Be Us. (Register today: )

Expect to be wowed.

Each year, though, the Celebration’s high point cannot be matched by any of these spectacular speakers and events. When The Lucy Hobbs Project Awards are presented to six indomitable women who are reshaping the profession of dentistry, awe-inspiring moments ensue.

As the applause dies down and each person is introduced, those in attendance have an opportunity to view the change one person can affect in the world.
This year, one of those changemakers is Charmaine Ng, DMD, recipient of the Lucy Hobbs Project Woman to Watch Award.

Ready to be inspired by Charmaine Ng, DMD?

Most of Dr. Charmaine Ng’s patients are experiencing homelessness or struggling with other barriers to quality healthcare; she aims to restore tooth function and self-confidence through dentistry, while providing integrated care.

To meet the needs of the underserved in her community, Dr. Ng created a dental program, HealthRIGHT360, in San Francisco, California. As the Founding Dental Director, she developed a whole body, integrated care approach that utilized the dental, medical, medical assisted therapy (MAT), and behavioral health services on site after early years dedicated to volunteerism.

What fueled her passion for giving back?

As an undergraduate student at University of California San Diego, Charmaine Ng dedicated her efforts with a student-run free dental clinic, and this passion for service led her to A.T. Still University’s Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health to pursue a career in dentistry. Inspired by her educational experience, she continued to serve on the School’s alumni board for six years after graduation.

By engaging in local community health committees and the San Francisco Dental Society, she gathered data and assessed the needs of the community to expand HealthRIGHT360’s clinical site and also the scope of the practice to children who have limited access to dental care.

Dr. Ng is an American College of Dentists’ Fellow 2019 

Meet Dr. Ng and hear more about her incredible journey at the 7th annual Lucy Hobbs Project Celebration! Bring the whole team. Register today:

Benco Dental announces strategic collaboration with Dental Intelligence

The nation’s largest independent dental distributor aligns with Utah-based leader in the industry known for top software used to track, analyze, manage and grow dental practices.

Dental Intelligence, a leader in helping dental practices use actionable data to improve patient care, team collaboration, and practice profitability, aligns with Benco Dental, the nation’s largest independent dental distributor. Their shared goal: helping all dentists in the United States grow in ways that are important to them and their patients.

Dental Intelligence logo

“All of us at Dental Intelligence are thrilled with this opportunity to be aligned with a dynamic organization like Benco. We love how focused they are on addressing and resolving the many unique challenges faced by the dental industry today.”

Weston Lunsford, CEO at Dental Intelligence.
Weston Lunsford, CEO at Dental Intelligence.

“Our company has a single vision: To help dental practices to do more and even better dentistry, more efficiently. Everything we do revolves around this purpose – and we’re passionate about succeeding. Benco’s commitment to helping the practices they work with achieve greater success makes them an ideal partner for Dental Intelligence. We’re so excited to work together,” says Weston Lunsford, CEO at Dental Intelligence.

The Pleasant Grove, Utah-based company connects to a doctor’s Practice Management Software, then analyzes instantly, automates, finds opportunities, and communicates. Dental Intelligence smart tools work to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, while saving time, helping more patients, and increasing production. Among the smart tools:

  • Morning Huddle, a presentation automated with the click of a button, that in 15 minutes unites the dental team with clear and measurable goals, reviews yesterday, today, tomorrow and next week, celebrates victories and creates teaching moments.
  • Call Insight, a smart caller ID that improves patient experience and displays valuable patient opportunities.
  • Today’s Follow Ups, a daily communication assistant, auto-generates call lists for appointment confirmations, hygiene recare and unscheduled treatment.

“Benco Dental and Dental Intelligence share a passion for innovating to help dentists achieve more,” said Terry Barrett, Chief Marketing Officer at Benco Dental.

Terry J. Barrett, Benco Dental Chief Marketing Officer

“This product delivers measurable results through a remarkable combination of hindsight, insight and foresight so users learn from what has already happened, respond better to what’s happening now and anticipate how to react smarter and more efficiently in the future.”

Benco Dental, headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is the largest independent dental distributor in the United States, driving dentistry forward through innovative solutions and a caring family culture. Benco delivers a full array of supplies, equipment, technology and services to dentists nationwide. Benco Dental firsts include Painless® electronic ordering, automated supply management, BluChip®customer loyalty rewards, CenterPoint design/equipment superstores and OneVisitTM open architecture CAD/CAM. Over 1,500 dedicated associates serve customers nationwide including 400+ sales representatives and 300+ factory-trained service technicians. Benco has been named one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Health Care and Biopharma for three consecutive years.

To learn more about Dental Intelligence software, used by thousands of dentists to manage and grow their practices.  please visit:

Dental Intelligence is the world’s smartest software used by thousands of dentists to manage and grow their practices. Dental Intelligence simplifies the team’s daily activities that are most important in improving patient health and increasing profitability in the practice. To learn more, visit

Benco Dental, headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is the largest privately-owned dental distributor in the United States, offering a full array of supplies, equipment and services to dentists across the nation.  Founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, the company has remained focused on its unique mission to drive dentistry forward through innovative solutions and caring family culture. Within the past 88 years, the company has grown from a single downtown location to a national network that includes five distribution centers, and three design showrooms, one at the company’s Pa. headquarters, one in Southern California, and one in Texas. Benco, which has been named one of Fortune Best Workplaces in Health Care and Biopharma for the past three years, one of the NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women for the second consecutive year, and Pennsylvania’s Best Places to Work® for 12 of the past 14 years, is proud to feature a highly skilled team of more than 400 professionally trained sales representatives and over 300 factory-trained service technicians. For more information, visit or call 1.800.GO.BENCO.

Incisal Edge named finalist in 9 categories for 2019 FOLIO: Eddie & Ozzie Awards

This prestigious recognition in the publishing community benchmarks excellence in editorial and design. Winners will be announced October 30 in NYC.

Incisal Edge has earned finalist status in nine categories for the 2019 FOLIO: Eddie & Ozzie Awards that celebrate uncompromising journalism and gorgeous design across all sectors of publishing.

The nation’s premier dental lifestyle magazine — Incisal Edge, published by Benco Dental since 1997 — is recognized for its offerings across digital and print media, as well as video. Winners will be announced during a celebratory gala on October 30 during The Folio: Show at the Hilton Midtown in New York City.

Incisal Edge has earned finalist status in nine categories for the 2019 FOLIO: Eddie & Ozzie Awards that celebrate uncompromising journalism and gorgeous design across all sectors of publishing.

Categories in which Incisal Edge is recognized include:

Eddies, awards for journalism

  • Column / Blog, B2B, Healthcare / Medical / Nursing: Incisal Edge, Larry’s Collection – Benco Dental (shown below)
  • Series of Articles, B2B, Healthcare / Medical / Nursing: Incisal Edge, Design Features – Benco Dental (shown below)
  • Video, B2B, Healthcare / Medical / Nursing: Incisal Edge, “I Am Lucy Hobbs” – Benco Dental (shown below)
  • Website, B2B, Healthcare / Medical / Nursing: Incisal Edge, – Benco Dental (shown below)

Ozzies, awards for design

  • Cover Design, B2B, Above 100,000 Circulation: Incisal Edge, Fall 2018 – Benco Dental (shown at top)
  • Feature Design, B2B, Above 100,000 Circulation: Incisal Edge, 40 Under 40: the 8th annual Kind of Blue, Fall 2018 – Benco Dental (shown below)
  • Overall Design (Single Magazine Issue), B2B: Incisal Edge, True North: Winter 2019 – Benco Dental (shown below)
  • Photography, B2B, Print: Incisal Edge, True North: Winter 2019 – Benco Dental (shown below)
  • Site Design, B2B: Incisal Edge, – Benco Dental (shown below)

The Folio: team, along with their panel of 200+ judges, received more than 2,000 entries submitted this year in 33 categories. Other publishers among the 2019 finalists are: ESPN the Magazine, Forbes Media, Hearst Magazines, Meredith Corporation and Variety. View the full list here.

“The Eddie & Ozzie Awards recognize the pillars of magazine and digital publishing—outstanding journalism and content, photography, design, and the extremely talented people who produce it,” said Caysey Welton, Content Director at Folio:.

Incisal Edge is a previous recipient of an Ozzie Award for in the category of Site Design for in 2018. To learn more about Incisal Edge, visit:

From HGTV straight to your dental practice!

If you can’t get enough of the amazing creations of Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines (shown) think about incorporating one of the stylish wall coverings from Joanna’s Magnolia Home Collection into your dental practice. Available through CenterPoint Design at Benco Dental, these unique designs are distributed by Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering

Shown above, a dental operatory at Benco Dental’s CenterPoint East showroom that features stylish wall covering Avenue WC, from Joanna’s Magnolia Home Collection as distributed by Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering.

“We at Centerpoint Design choose to use wallcovering in many different areas, for many different reasons,”  says Megan Chuzas, Interior Designer at Benco Dental’s CenterPoint Design.

“A larger scale pattern can be used to draw attention to a well-lighted logo wall.  In restrooms, wall covering is often a code requirement in order to help with infection control and clean-ability.  In high-traffic areas, wall covering is used to provide added wall protection.” 

Megan Chuzas, Interior Designer with Benco Dental’s CenterPoint Design group.

Known for her modern farmhouse style, Joanna Gaines incorporates classic designs in her collection, staying true to her brand, while still making them feel current and on trend. Many of her designs are subtle enough to be used throughout an entire space. While others that are larger in scale or made of natural materials, are more well-suited for accent areas or a feature wall. 

Stylish wall covering styles from Joanna’s Magnolia Home Collection and available through CenterPoint Design at Benco Dental, distributed by Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering.

Welcoming and comfortable with a dash of charm, classic farmhouse style is more popular than ever thanks to shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper. In response to the minimalist trend that was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, people are now embracing the tradition and surrounding themselves in an environment that makes them feel right at home.

“There are a number of other creative ways to incorporate wall covering into your office design.  Work with a Centerpoint Designer to find out how,” adds Megan Chuzas, CenterPoint Interior Designer at Benco Dental.

Want to add Joanna Gaines’ wall coverings into your dental practice?

Call 1.800.GOBENCO today.

WVU rising: dental school innovation center drives change

The dental school’s new innovation center is driving change—and numbers are rolling in to prove it. WVU’s Dr. Lauren Yura talks what’s happening behind the scenes to boost her alma mater’s national profile. 

It only recently turned two, but West Virginia University School of Dentistry’s Dr. W. Robert Biddington Center for Dental Innovation is already having a profound impact. The only clinic of its kind on the East Coast when it opened, it was one of just three nationwide in 2017 where students experience a real-world environment that operates much like a private practice and also get access to the latest technology. (Benco Dental was one of dozens of donors who helped bring it to life in partnership with the Center for Research and Education in Technology, Inc.)

West Virginia University School of Dentistry’s Dr. W. Robert Biddington Center for Dental Innovation was the only clinic of its kind on the East Coast when it opened. In 2017, it was one of just three nationwide where students experience a real-world environment that operates much like a private practice and also get access to the latest technology.

For starters, it’s a recruiting boon that’s shifting the student body’s demographics. The vast majority of dental students—about 80%—were West Virginians prior to the center’s opening. Today, about half come from out of state. With such a major shift, the school understandably felt compelled to start surveying applicants about what drew them. The results: 99% said the center was a major factor in their decisions to apply.

“Students say it’s the first time they feel like real dentists. They get to broaden themselves as clinicians through increased repetition and exposure to more materials. They also get exposed to practice management and what it means to deal with insurance, fee setting, and staff training.”

Dr. W. Robert Biddington Center for Dental Innovation Director and Assistant Professor, Dr. Lauren Yura

All of which, says Dr. Yura, is changing the way students transition. “They’re better prepared, no question. Since it’s a higher-end environment, it’s also influencing where’d they’d want to work, or what type of practice they’d create for themselves.” 

Time will tell, but as a proud WVU alum herself, Dr. Yura is clearly passionate about sending her students into the world as the best prepared graduates in the school’s history.

Dr. Lauren Yura (right) with a dental student at the Dr. W. Robert Biddington Center for Dental Innovation.

Are you prepared for Dental Infection Control Awareness Month?

Dental Infection Control Awareness Month #DICAM19 is an annual, month-long campaign in September that shares the latest Center for Disease Control CDC information. Its aim: to build patient trust by sharing the stories of how dental teams practice patient safety.

The dental profession is taking impressive measure to keep patients safe. Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention has created a toolkit at to encourage dental practices to “Take Safety Viral!” and help promote patient safety and awareness

“Each week, we will be showcasing one specific element of dental infection control. We encourage you to participate, even if your focus is on a different aspect of dental infection control than what our weekly theme is.”

Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention

Their suggested schedule for the month of September is as follows:

Week one (09/01 – 09/07): Hand Hygiene

Week two (09/08 – 09/14): Dental Unit Waterlines

Week three (09/15 – 09/21): Personal Protective Equipment

Week four (09/22 – 09/30): Instrument Sterilization

Visit for resources:

Follow OSAP on social media