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Leave it to the California Dental Association to propagate progress.

Facebook post the CDA shared this week explains the unique cover concept of its award-winning peer-reviewed scientific publication:

Pink or blue? Check your mailbox next week to see which version of the February Journal you receive. The first-ever dual covers celebrate the diversity of our editorial contributors and members. Inside you will find articles related to oral cancer emerging technologies in early intervention, potential therapies and dental management of cancer survivors. Take a peek at

Read contributions from their guest editor for the month, Diana V. Messadi, DDS, MMSc, DMSc, including, Oral Cancer: Novel Concepts for the Oral Health Care Practitioner at

Fun Friday: Check out award-winning magazine covers from the past few years:

Science needs your bacteria

Bad breath? Cavities? Gum Disease? Learn about the 700 kinds of bacteria in your mouth. This The uBiome Team pitch on crowdfunding site poses questions such as “Why do some people get cavities and not others? What causes bad breath?” in the hopes that curious folk inspired by science will support its research with the purchase of a $79 dental genome kit, among other options.

For your donation, they’ll send you a collection kit, which includes everything needed to sample your dental microbiome. Dental what? (The dental micro biome — bacteria in the mouth — has been linked to dental diseases such as periodontal disease, gingivitis, dental caries, and can even indicate more systemic ailments indirectly.)

With $32,802 raised by 150 people in 25 days, they are off to a solid start.

The uBiome Team suggests other ways you can help:

  • Post a photo of your teeth, bacteria, or anything uBiome related with the hashtag #uBiomeDental on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They will pick weekly winners of “awesome uBiome schwag.”
  • Get your dentist involved. Tell her or him about the campaign and how uBiome is trying to revolutionize dental health. Buy him/her a kit to say thank you for all those root canals and fillings.


CDA offers dentists social media advice that’s as easy as copy, paste


Last week the California Dental Association made life a little easier for dentists.

CDA’s 2015 Sample Employee Manual provides a specific template that practices can incorporate into their own employee manuals. The “Social Networking” section of CDA’s Sample Employee Manual features language that dentists can add such as specifying that only authorized individuals are allowed to represent the practice on social media and when employees can use their own devices for personal social media purposes.

Below is an example of language related to social media featured in the CDA Sample Employee Manual.

“Use of Internet-based programs such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (this is not meant to be an exhaustive list) may be used in furtherance of Practice goals. However, only authorized individuals are allowed to speak/write in the name of the Practice using the social media tools of the Practice such as the Practice Facebook page, the Practice blog, the Practice Twitter account. [Contact Person] will authorize you in writing if you can use these Practice social media tools to perform your job duties.”

Dentists can copy and paste this language into their employee manuals and share it with everyone on their staff. A written policy outlines clear expectations, defines privacy policies and assigns accountability when engaging in personal or professional social media on behalf of the practice. CDA Practice Support Analyst Michelle Corbo recommends the dentist have each employee sign a document stating that he or she has reviewed the information.

For the rest of the information that should be communicated with dental teams related to social media, view pages 10 and 11 of the 2015  Sample Employee Manual.

Dentists should review their employee manual every year and make any necessary changes so that the practice remains in compliance with current state requirements.

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Proof that dentistry may offer the most flexibility of any career.

Dentist Dr. Meghan and MLB left-handed reliever Tommy Layne as shown on their personal wedding website.

A “traveling dentist.”

That is the answer to the riddle: “Who is the perfect spouse for a Major League Baseball player?”

Tommy Layne (an aspiring baseball star) met his wife Meghan Wagstaff (an aspiring dentist) while she was on a date with someone else. Even though they both shared an attraction, they parted ways in order to accomplish their dreams.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, it would seem. After reconnecting via Facebook and dating for six years, they married.

Layne is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and Meghan is a practicing dentist licensed in four states to allow them to spend time together, according to a Boston Globe story. Both have demanding careers and know how to make their marriage work.

Meghan, 29, earned her license in Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, and Massachusetts where she fills in for dentists on maternity leave or vacation, or for corporate offices in need of help. Full-time positions have been offered but that will come later in her career.

“It keeps my mind busy and, honestly, for both of us our emphasis isn’t solely on baseball,” Meghan added. “I’m supportive of him and he has been supportive of me. Some of my career has been on hold but it won’t always be like that.”

“At the end of the day, I get home and she has her own thing going on. She’s not asking what happened in the game. I can check out from the field and enjoy some family time. It’s great,” Layne told the newspaper. “She’s like a traveling dentist.”

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Seven freebies to help you live app-ily ever after.

Trying to pinpoint the time suck in your day? Can't remember the 25 passwords for your phone, bank, workstation, email, et al? Want to post your dental practice Instagram photos automatically to your Facebook page? Struggling to find a method to organize the madness of your work and home to-do lists?