Caption: ‘Gerbils on a train’ video used as part of the Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives campaign. ‘People spend 15 minutes watching online videos like this one,’ chirps the gerbil. How about 2 minutes to brush their teeth?

IF IT TAKES a village to raise a child, it can’t hurt to enlist a team of cartoon icons, creative educators and generous sponsors to help ensure that child’s commitment to proper oral health as well. This August marked the second anniversary of the launch of Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives, a campaign from the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives (a 36-group consortium sponsored by the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation) and the Ad Council, the nonprofit group behind Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl.

How has it done thus far?

According to an Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine report:

“Consumer research after the first year of advertising showed a significant change in people’s awareness of oral health and their brushing habits,” says Gary Price, president of the DTA. “Since that’s the point of the whole campaign, we were excited to see such positive results.” The initiative, the first oral-health program in the Ad Council’s 72-year history, has also exceeded the organization’s averages for both public awareness of the message after one year and donated media (having logged 53 percent recognition nationwide and $55 million, respectively).

The Ad Council created Toothsavers, an app that debuted in the iTunes store’s Kids section this May. The game, in which an evil sorceress bent on universal tooth decay must be stopped, has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. A partnership with Scholastic led to educational kits distributed to 125,000 pre-K through first-grade teachers, materials that have reached nearly 4 million children nationwide. The Ad Council also set up a Web site,, which offers a collection of two-minute videos (starring Elmo, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and other animated stars) that kids can watch while they brush morning and evening.

Price is ebullient about the success of the campaign so far, and equally bullish about its prospects. “The message is aimed at increasing the oral-health literacy of a generation of kids,” some 16 million of whom suffer from tooth decay, he notes. “It’s encouraging that so many people want to help.”

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Is Vaseline® ADA recommended for a pageant-winning smile?

Mass Dental Society ‏@MassDental offers a nod to Harvard Dental student Lauren Kuhn, who will represent Massachusetts tonight in the Miss America Pageant.

CAPTION: Mass Dental Society ‏@MassDental offers a nod to Harvard School of Dental Medicine student Lauren Kuhn, who will represent Massachusetts tonight in the Miss America Pageant. 

Yesterday amidst floats, bands, and military heroes, a member of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine Class of 2017 rode past thousands of cheering fans at New Jersey’s Atlantic City boardwalk.

Miss Massachusetts Lauren Kuhn, photo courtesy Tony Bowls, will compete tonight  for the title of 2015 Miss America.

Miss Massachusetts Lauren Kuhn, photo courtesy Tony Bowls, will compete tonight for the title of 2015 Miss America.

Miss America Show Us Your Shoes Parade #ShowUsYourShoes introduced the competition’s 53 State and The Territory contestants, including Massachusetts dental student Lauren Kuhn @MissMA2014.

On ABC tonight, Sunday, September 14, starting at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT) watch the Boston resident showcase her talent on piano and find out if she will be crowned Miss America 2015.

Who better than a Toyota Community Scholar and Coca-Cola Scholar to share thoughts on her personal platforms “The Opportunity of Education” and “Encouraging Today’s Young Women”? The 23-year-old Boston resident also champions the Children’s Miracle Network.

In the “2015: Top Picks to Win” story by Amy Kuperinsky for, Kuhn was spotlighted as a contender who “leans in the direction” of the pageant’s emphasis on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education and careers for women. Kuperinsky @AmyKup mentions that The Harvard University student aims to open a dental practice in a low-income community.

1505042_707014212650002_1491789602_n (1)

Miss Massachusetts Lauren Kuhn, was awarded $35,000 in scholarships which she says will help offset costs of her dental education.

See Kuhn’s selection as a semifinalist, and listen as she shares her thoughts on the $35,000 in scholarships she was awarded as part of the process in a video on her website produced by

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This video will make your teeth feel like dancing.

Clinical efficacy, and beautiful simplicity in design. In layman’s terms: the best in bristles and a gunk-free handle.

We’re talking toothbrushes. PRO-SYS™ brand, three years in the making.

For the same reason car manufacturers buy tires instead of making their own, PRO-SYS decided to buy the very best bristles from a specialist. Who better to work with than DuPont®, the inventors of the nylon bristle?

A clean handle is a healthy handle, so PRO-SYS™ chose to do away with colorful rubber accents that can trap the aforementioned gunk. As for its gently chiseled shape, the makers of PRO-SYS™ found simplifying the handle helped improve tactile feedback. The hand focuses on the sensations of brushing and is less ‘confused’ by differing textures and materials.

If that sounds like the feel-good part of the story, not even close.

For every PRO-SYS Tapered or Antimicrobial toothbrush sold, the company donates one to a person in need. But simply donating toothbrushes isn’t enough, so they partner with nonprofits that ensure oral healthcare education is part of the package. That’s especially important in places where toothbrushes are uncommon.

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No gnomes, windmills for this ‘professional putter’


How did a Shippensburg dentist win the United States Open in 2010?

Only one man knows for certain.

Plotting his course with hand-drawn diagrams must’ve helped, though.

Dr. Brad Lebo, a 53-year-old Pennsylvania practitioner, shared his penchant for the game with the New York Times as they previewed the 2014 United States Open Miniature Golf Tournament, which began yesterday at Bluegrass Mini Golf Course in Oceanport, N.J.

“I’m a professional putter,” he explained to the publication’s reporter.

Dr. Lebo, who has won 105 events during a 25-year career on the course, said he “charts potential places the ball can land.” In the case he misses on the first putt, he works from this knowledge in reserve.

“Prepare, then don’t care,” holds true as a favorite borrowed motto.

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No Friday fish story.


Benco Dental Regional Manager Dan Bump with the 16-pound Dolphin Fish he and teammates caught June 20 in the Horizons Fishing Tournament, West Palm Beach, Florida

Caption: Dan Bump, Cap’n Jack, Jim Weber and Ryan Hammock with their award-winning catch at the Horizons Fishing Tournament in West Palm Beach.

A 16-pound Dolphin Fish earned Benco Dental Equipment Specialist Jim Weber, Regional Manager Dan Bump and Service Tech Ryan Hammock community gratitude, bragging rights, and dinner for four.
Mahi-Mahi (the Hawaiian name for the species Coryphaena hippurus), grilled and blackened, made up the menu June 20 in West Palm Beach, Florida, after three Benco Dental associates from the Biscayne region garnered 5th Place in Dolphin category at the Horizons Fishing Tournament.
The 15th annual event, organized to benefit Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation, led the threesome  – along with boatmate Cap’n Jerry – to a considerable catch of a Blue Water Beauty 18 miles offshore.
In an area of the Atlantic where the water’s depths reach 1,100 feet, the four seafaring friends shared a victory at sea.