As if there weren’t enough good reasons to brush…

Elmo’s celebrity mashup offers another one.

If you had no reason to spend your Sunday morning on a Sesame Street jam a few years back, but now have little ones learning about oral healthy, don’t waste another minute before checking out this Sesame Street video that was created as part of an oral health initiative Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me.

Elmo is joined by families and some of his celebrity friends including Bruno Mars, David Hyde Pierce, Nicole Kidman, Amy Ryan, Wendy Williams, Jay Sean, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber as he sings a song about the importance of brushing your teeth.

Another fun pick from the website is a game show hosted by character Guy Smiley: is not responsible if you’re still singing “Brush Brushy Brush” on Monday morning.

Who is supercharging company growth? Find out at SGF.

Michael Strahan, Pro Football Hall of Famer and Broadcaster.
Richard Cohen, Managing Director, Benco Dental.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, multiple Emmy award-winning actor.
Seth Meyers, Host, Late Night with Seth Meyers.
Deborah Norville, Anchor, Inside Edition.
Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff  and senior advisor to President George W. Bush.
Jim Messina, President and CEO of The Messina Group, former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama.

Seth Meyers, Host, Late Night with Seth Meyers, will speak at the EY Strategic Growth Forum Nov. 11-15 in Palm Springs, CA.

Seth Meyers, Host, Late Night with Seth Meyers, will speak at the EY Strategic Growth Forum Nov. 11-15 in Palm Springs, CA.

If you recognize any of the nation’s top executives, entrepreneurs, advisors and investors and other business leaders mentioned above, you probably aren’t surprised to find them included among featured speakers at a four-day event next week in Palm Springs, California.

The EY Strategic Growth Forum®, slated for November 11-15,  is the country’s most prestigious gathering of high-growth, market-leading companies. This by-invitation-only CEO event brings together more than 2,000  to supercharge company growth; learn the latest on the strategic transaction marketplace and available capital; meet potential customers, investors, partners, acquisition targets and buyers; and hear inspiring success

Richard Cohen, Managing Director and third-generation owner of Benco Dental (, the nation’s largest independently owned dental supply and equipment distributor will speak at SGF next week.

Richard Cohen, Managing Director
and third-generation owner of Benco Dental (, the nation’s largest independently owned dental supply and equipment distributor will speak at SGF next week.

stories from game-changing entrepreneurs.

The Forum concludes with the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® National Awards gala, the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in America. For nearly 30 years, the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program has recognized the endeavors of exceptional men and women who create the products and services that keep our worldwide economy moving forward. Since its inception, Entrepreneur Of The Year has grown dramatically and now includes programs in more than 140 cities and in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Got Fangophilia? So does this Japanese boutique dental clinic.

Fangophilia. It’s not another horror film released in time for Halloween. Instead, it’s the link between high fashion and dentistry… in Japan.

Hanabusa Dental Clinic, Japan’s first “boutique dental clinic” in the heart of fashion mecca Shibuya, opened in May 2015. The Practitioner:  World-famous silver accessory designer and owner of Japanese brand Fangophilia, Taro Hanabusa @fangophilia. Of course, he is a dentist as well.

According to Japan Info, Hanabusa graduated with a degree in dentistry from Tohoku University and practiced for three years, but was also interested in body modification (such as tattoos) and had the idea of creating jewelry that is based on a mold of a person’s body parts, such as fingers, teeth, even kneecaps. This was the birth of his brand

Gallery of Fangophilia's one-of-a-kind accessories designed by Japanese artist and dentist Taro Hanabusa.

Gallery of Fangophilia’s one-of-a-kind accessories designed by Japanese artist and dentist Taro Hanabusa.

Fangophilia, whose unique designs have been favored by Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, Brooke Candy, and Korean pop stars such as G-Dragon and 2NE1.

Next time you’d like to schedule impressions for one-of-a-kind body modification jewelry and dental work in the same visit,  Hanabusa Dental Clinic awaits.




Maybe MegaGen was her birthday wish?

Louise Bonito had 102 reasons to celebrate at her birthday party earlier this year.

According to, the grandmother from Connecticut reached the impressive age on April 26. When celebrating with her loved ones a few days later, she blew out her birthday candles, but her dentures made a surprise appearance.

“I took a deep, deep, breath and with all my might I blew out the candles and then my teeth came out,” the birthday girl told ABC News.

Perhaps if dental implants were involved, she and her family might have shared a little less laughter, and there might not exist the humorous viral video, but her celebratory smile would have remained intact.

“Our tooth replacement systems offers dentists immediate loading for faster treatment time, as well as systems for all indications that do not require learning new techniques and that are more economical. Hands-on courses and full service from dental supply dealers add benefit to the offerings,” said Carey Lyons, CEO of ids.

 Founded in 2013, ids acquired MegaGen brand implants that provide fast, stable and predictable tooth replacement and shorten treatment time. ids has added to its portfolio Reflect Implants that are surgically and prosthecticly compatible with leading brands, Dental Master patient education software, AnyWhere universal implant provisional system and the Smart Dentin Grinder to produce bone augmentation material from extracted teeth chairside.

Earlier this year, Integrated Dental Systems (ids) of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and Benco Dental of Pittston, announced hat Benco Dental will distribute the full range of ids tooth replacement products. Included in the offerings: AnyRidge Implants, AnyOne Implants, Reflect Rapid Implants, Reflect Tapered Screw Implants, Smart Dentin Grinder, AnyWhere Implant Provisional System and Dental Master patient education and case acceptance software.

“We are thrilled to provide our more than 400 sales representatives a complete and feature-rich range of implants and implant-related products from ids,” said Benco Managing Director Chuck Cohen. “Our team understands the opportunity and has been training with ids and their key opinion leaders to offer innovative tooth replacement solutions to dental professionals to better serve their patients.”

For more information about ids and their complete range of implants visit or call 1.800.GO.BENCO.

Implant manufacturer to customers: ‘So, what’s holding you up?’

“We’re hanging a CEO by the ceiling.”

Jeff Gerber, Creative Director of the commercial, “Become an #OriginalStraumann,” described the intensity found on the set, prior to a stunt completed by the Straumann CEO.

In the video, Marco Gadola is suspended upside down from just four Straumann dental implants, which is used to demonstrate the performance of Straumann’s dental implant system. Gadola decided to do this commercial because he wanted to share his 100% confidence in the precision and reliability of the implant system with his customers. He wanted to show this not only through his words, but also his actions.

Four implants and abutments — each smaller than a matchstick — normally create a channel of connection between a crown (tooth replacement) and a dental patient’s jawbone. But it’s not often that a company leader goes to such extreme measures to present the value proposition of his product.

The commercial clip is the cornerstone of an awareness campaign to underline the importance of original Straumann prosthetic components for long-term implant treatment.

“Our ultimate goal at Straumann is to instill complete confidence – in our products, our services and our people,” said Gadola.