No gnomes, windmills for this ‘professional putter’


How did a Shippensburg dentist win the United States Open in 2010?

Only one man knows for certain.

Plotting his course with hand-drawn diagrams must’ve helped, though.

Dr. Brad Lebo, a 53-year-old Pennsylvania practitioner, shared his penchant for the game with the New York Times as they previewed the 2014 United States Open Miniature Golf Tournament, which began yesterday at Bluegrass Mini Golf Course in Oceanport, N.J.

“I’m a professional putter,” he explained to the publication’s reporter.

Dr. Lebo, who has won 105 events during a 25-year career on the course, said he “charts potential places the ball can land.” In the case he misses on the first putt, he works from this knowledge in reserve.

“Prepare, then don’t care,” holds true as a favorite borrowed motto.

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No Friday fish story.


Benco Dental Regional Manager Dan Bump with the 16-pound Dolphin Fish he and teammates caught June 20 in the Horizons Fishing Tournament, West Palm Beach, Florida

Caption: Dan Bump, Cap’n Jack, Jim Weber and Ryan Hammock with their award-winning catch at the Horizons Fishing Tournament in West Palm Beach.

A 16-pound Dolphin Fish earned Benco Dental Equipment Specialist Jim Weber, Regional Manager Dan Bump and Service Tech Ryan Hammock community gratitude, bragging rights, and dinner for four.
Mahi-Mahi (the Hawaiian name for the species Coryphaena hippurus), grilled and blackened, made up the menu June 20 in West Palm Beach, Florida, after three Benco Dental associates from the Biscayne region garnered 5th Place in Dolphin category at the Horizons Fishing Tournament.
The 15th annual event, organized to benefit Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation, led the threesome  – along with boatmate Cap’n Jerry – to a considerable catch of a Blue Water Beauty 18 miles offshore.
In an area of the Atlantic where the water’s depths reach 1,100 feet, the four seafaring friends shared a victory at sea.

No, this commercial is not an SNL sketch.

The concept of a flossing system that resembles miniature nunchucks might seem like the household product featured in a commercial parody on late-night TV, but GumChucks Kids, The Ultimate Attack on Plaque® is plenty real.

GumChucks Kids, The Ultimate Attack on Plaque® features a two-handle system, with disposable tips connected by a piece of dental floss.

The unique two-handle system, with disposable tips connected by a piece of dental floss, was designed to increase control and allow the user to make the dentist-recommended “C” shape with the floss. (All parts are crafted of recycled plastic and are BPA Free.)

Backstory: In 2010 during a lunch meeting at a business convention in Las Vegas, Keith Allen – marketing whiz and dad of two – saw Jeromi Stewart use a handmade personal flossing device. The two combined their skill sets and the rest is history. 

According to, kids love shooting the disposable tips – as well as the characters (a Hollywood-inspired cartoon series called Tonsil Town™ with characters such as Plaque Man, Ninja Vitis, Molar Bear and the Hygenie, The Flossopher, Slime Shady, and Count Plaqula), game app (Weapons of Plaque Destruction – available in the iTunes store for iPads).

Every GumChucks Kids Starter Pack ($9.95) comes with a collectible character trading card.

Got braces? ORTHOgami is the answer.

Don’t worry, an adult version is available. And GumChucks ProFloss features all the same benefits:

  • Reach. Handles allow the user to easily reach back teeth.
  • Comfort. No more cut off circulation from floss-wrapped fingers.
  • A hygienic process. No fingers in the user’s mouth.
  • Ease.  Wrap floss around the tooth, removing more plaque and bacteria.

GumChucks are sold through Dentist Offices and 0nline at Read more at:


Who has 11 to 14 days to treat canker sore pain?

A five-second treatment used safely in the U.S. for close to 80 years recently began garnering attention recently for its success in the healing process of canker sores.

Debacterol® — a topical prescription med — generally requires only a single application, which allows the sores to heal in a few days without pain.

Sulfonated phenolics and sulfuric acid, which are believed to act as tissue denaturants — dehydrate infected tissue and bacteria after the lesions are sealed and protected.

The dark brown liquid that naturally smells like smoke, a distillate of boiled creosote, is manufactured using the same formula that its founder developed at the turn of the century.


Start your Monday with Shea.


Meet SHEA Breed:  West Highland White Terrier  Likes: Fishing, Dr. Donn Winokur, staff and patients at Ocean Family Dental Favorite foods: Edamame and grilled chicken

Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Likes: Fishing, Dr. Donn Winokur, staff and patients at Ocean Family Dental
Favorite foods: Edamame and grilled chicken

Joey Aquilino spends the Thursday car ride from Toms River, N.J., excited to see Shea, a friend in Lakewood he hasn’t visited in a few months.

That same December day, Shea’s morning routine is complete: teeth and hair brushed, out the door to work with Dr. Donn Winokur.

After one last glance at Shea’s picture on his dad’s phone in the car, Joey and Anthony Aquilino enter Ocean Family Dental together.

“In the past he would be upset coming through the door,” says Anthony Aquilino, who has been scheduling dental visits for his special needs son since Joey was 6 or 7. Joey is now 35.

“The doctor sees Joe every four months, which was very traumatic for him for years.”

That was all before therapy dog Shea arrived on the scene in 2011.

“We came in one day and Dr. Winokur asked ‘Would you like me to try Shea with Joe?’ It was an instant miracle, it’s incredible,” says Aquilino.

Specializing in pediatric dentistry since 1973, Dr. Winokur found himself drawn to helping children, especially those with special needs.

“I developed that when I was a young child. I saw people with special needs who weren’t being cared for, so I just developed a sub skillset.”

After attending the School of Dentistry at West Virginia University in Morgantown and completing his residency at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Dr. Winokur traveled to the Pacific Northwest to complete a special program at the University of Washington’s School of Dentistry.  The DECOD Clinic, or Dental Education in the Care of Persons with Disabilities, is guided by the precept that people with disabilities frequently have serious dental problems and difficulty in accessing dental services.

“I just really want this to get out there, because people should do this more often in their offices.  Especially with special needs patients, it’s tremendous,” says the doctor.

Wondering if cats can provide dental office therapy, too? Find out more and experience an afternoon with Shea and Dr. Winokur  as featured in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine: