There’s a first for everything.


This year at the largest dental meeting in the U.S., two inaugural events will take place: the First Annual Global Orthodontic Conference, and the First International Oral Cancer Symposium.

During the Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, general practitioners and orthodontists will enjoy five full days of seminars and workshops given by notable orthodontic speakers.

On Saturday, the first International Oral Cancer Symposium, entitled “The Science and Practice of Treating Head and Neck Cancer,” will provide a comprehensive overview of the current surgical and medical management of oral and oropharyngeal cancer patients. Sponsored by the Benco Family Foundation, and members of the dental community, the all-day event will feature diagnostic criteria, rehabilitative medicine and guidelines for oral cancer management during discussions by leading experts in Otolaryngology, Pathology, Craniofacial Surgery, Oncology and Maxillofacial Prosthetics.

Learn how you can still attend the November 27 – December 2 meeting sponsored by Second District & New York County Dental Societies:


Dreaming of NYC in spring? Incisal Edge #40Under40 can make it a reality.

2015 Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 honorees, cover models one and all.

Not sure what to wear? Creative Style Director for Forbes Media Joseph DeAcetis @JosephDeAcetis never has that problem.

Forbes Style Director Joseph DeAcetis

Forbes Style Director Joseph DeAcetis

When he’s not styling celebrities from Justin Bieber and Richard Branson to Cindy Crawford and Elon Musk, or sharing his insights at Fashion Week in London, Milan or Berlin, Joseph DeAcetis spends two spring days in NYC with America’s best young dentists — the Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 (Shown, Class of 2015.)

A glamorous proposal? Definitely.

May 25 and 26 in NYC, Incisal Edgethe leading lifestyle magazine for dental professionals nationwide, will host its annual two-day event to create a photography portfolio in preparation of its 6th “40 Under 40” edition. The dental lifestyle magazine is looking for the top 40 dentists in the U.S. who are under the age of 40 and are setting new benchmarks for outstanding dentistry.  Dentists are welcome to self-nominate and should feel free to nominate a colleague or peer.

Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Deadline is April 4, 2016. Nominate today at:

Hear from America’s best young dentists as they share their firsthand knowledge:

With the celebrity that comes as an Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 dentist, you might as well be on The jumbotron.

Incisal Edge 40 Under 40. Nominate today.

May 25 and 26 in NYC, Incisal Edge, the leading lifestyle magazine for dental professionals nationwide, will host its annual two-day event to create a photography portfolio in preparation of its 6th “40 Under 40” edition, featuring the top young dentists in America.










Gum disease? Check your daily routine for culprits.



If you think kicking a nicotine habit, limiting intake of sugary or acidic foods, and improving your oral hygiene can help prevent gum disease (and bad breath), you’re on the money.

A report by  for the Huffington Post suggests other causes should not be overlooked: oral contraceptives for one.   

 An increasing body of evidence points to fluctuations in hormones as an additional cause. The American Academy of Periodontology concedes, “Some drugs, such as oral contraceptives, antidepressants, and certain heart medicines, can affect your oral health.”

Indeed, the connection between dental health and sex hormones is well established (Miyagi et al., Jitprasertwong et al., Patil et al.). Increased estrogen levels, particularly during puberty and pregnancy, stimulate blood flow in the mouth and change the way gum tissue reacts to irritants in plaque, causing gums to become red, tender, swollen and more likely to bleed — ripe conditions for gum disease. Periodontitis prior to puberty is, therefore, very rare.

Beaton spoke with President Elect of the American Academy of Periodontics, Dr. Susan Karabin, DDS,offered this:

In both cases, “the elevation of female hormones (estrogens) causes blog vessel changes in their gums, making them more susceptible to the effects of bacteria.”

Read the full story and find out how you can be more responsible for your own health:—-and-worse_b_8513492.html?utm_hp_ref=dental-health

Leaders in dentistry improve quality of life in community, world


Each year the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) honors individuals and organizations that, through their tireless work and dedication to philanthropy, have improved the quality of life in our community and around the world. Recipients of the awards are nominated for demonstrating outstanding commitment and leadership in all aspects of philanthropy. AFP recognizes these outstanding honorees who embody the true meaning of philanthropy — the love of humankind.

Among honorees of the 2015 National Philanthropy Day awards will be Larry and Sally Cohen, who together helped establish the Benco Dental legacy. Founded in 1930 by Larry’s father Benjamin Cohen, the company has remained family-owned and focused on its unique mission to ‘deliver success, smile after smile.’

Over the past decade, Benco has been the nation’s fastest growing dental distributor, now servicing more than 35,000 dentists and dental laboratories. A tenet among the company’s values: giving back to the communities and families they serve. Part of that outreach include the Benco Family Foundation, which in 2014 supported more than 100 charities and donated nearly 150,000 toothbrushes to children and families.


Larry and Sally Cohen will receive the Outstanding Philanthropist Award as part of National Philanthropy Day. They are shown with sons, Benco Managing Directors Chuck and Rick Cohen, at a recent company ribbon-cutting event in Flower Mound, Texas.

Awards will be presented at the Philanthropy Day Luncheon today, November 20, at The Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, 700 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania.  AFP NEPA is committed to making the awards process as inclusive as possible, recognizing outstanding achievements on the part of organizations, philanthropists and volunteers from all counties within our region. This year’s honorees include:

  • Outstanding Fundraising Professional: Michele Zabriski
  • Outstanding Corporation: Lamar Outdoor Advertising
  • Outstanding Foundation: Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains
  • Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy: John Michael Gigliotti
  • Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser: Rose Marie Panzitta  
  • Outstanding Philanthropist: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cohen

This year’s chair for National Philanthropy Day is John Cosgrove of Condron and Cosgrove. Katie Leonard, Johnson College, served as Chair of Nominations. Honorary Breakfast Co-Chairs are Jesse Ergott, NeighborWorks NEPA, and Jon Konzelman, Scranton School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals represents more than 30,000 members in 200+ chapters in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China working to advance philanthropy through advocacy, research, education, and certification programs. Locally, AFP programs include an educational lecture series, full-day fundraising conference, mentoring program, professional networking events, and resource exchange. More information can be found on the international website or the AFP NEPA chapter website

For questions about Philanthropy Day, contact John Cosgrove, 2015 National Philanthropy Day Chair, at 570-344-6888 or Kurt Bauman, AFP NEPA Chapter President at 570-655-5581.

Are your restorations in good hands?



The National Association of Dental Laboratories  estimates up to 40% of dental laboratory products – including crowns, implants, bridges – are now arriving from overseas.

The trade association, with 43 affiliated state and regional commercial dental laboratory associations, created the What’s in Your Mouth?™ campaign, to provide dental patients and professionals with legislative updates and state regulations at a glance.

In a recent report by CBS Boston, Dr. David Samuels, chairman of the Board of Registration for dentistry in Massachusetts, explained there is no oversight of these products by the Food and Drug Administration.

“There are certainly concerns that the metals could have lead in them. That is not a substance you want in your body, or other, even carcinogenic materials,”  Dr. Samuels told CBS Boston.

Reporter @RyanKath also spoke with Steve Sheehan, a vice president at dental manufacturer Straumann USA in Andover, Massachusetts, regarding consumer safeguards of dental products created within the country. Although several states have consumer safeguards for dental labs in place, the rest have not followed suit.

According to Sheehan, many reputable companies have industry certifications, but he still believes government should get involved. “There needs to be a certain amount of trace-ability to the products if something goes wrong. There are issues of warranty when talk about product that fails.”

Chuck Cohen, Managing Director for the nation’s largest privately owned dental distribution company, Benco Dental, noted that Benco only purchases and resells products that come from approved manufacturers, and are packaged and approved for the U.S. market.  Benco does not purchase or resell product that is supposed to go overseas, or may be counterfeit, he added.

Read Kath’s investigative report at: