Straumann redefines legendary science with new campaign


To demonstrate the performance, science and reliability of Straumann’s lastest implant innovation, the Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant, the company has launched the #StraumannLegend campaign, in which the groundbreaking  material and surface technologies of Roxolid® and SLActive®combine with a tapered design for legendary strength and ossoeintegration properties.

In this campaign, the legend of King Arthur and the sword of Excalibur is put to the test as he initiaties his quest to remove the sword from the stone. Despite his exceptional strength, the sword remains firmly entrentched in the stone – much like the outstanding high tensile strength1 and faster osseointegration2  of Roxolid and SLActive that define the Bone Level Tapered Implant which is designed for a strong, long-lasting solution for dental implant therapy.

The video clip is the cornerstone of an awareness campaign to underline the strength and reliability of the Straumann Bone Level Tapered Implant.


Restoring Confidence
Arjan Haverhals, VP of Customer Marketing and Education, Straumann North America, commented: “Our goal is to go beyond products and not only create smiles for patients, but restore their confidence and significantly improve the quality of their lives.  #StraumannLegend is more than a campaign motto – our products have been at the forefront of the dental implant industry for 60 years.  It’s a testament to the science and rigorous quality control behind our products and as importantly, to our employees who work tirelessly to deliver the best products and solutions for our customers who have confidently trusted us with their patients for so many years.  When you choose Straumann – as an employee, or as a customer – the journey to becoming a #StraumannLegend begins.  We could not be a global leader without the strength and support of our customers and employees.  It truly is a legend”

Outgoing orders beginning in mid-February will feature a “Flat King Arthur” and customers are encouraged to tag Straumann in Facebook, and Twitter posts via #StraumannLegend to participate in the campaign and join the company in this exciting initiative.

A rep and his briefcase.


Jorge Rodriguez spends the better part of his day in the world of dentistry.

As a Territory Representative for Benco Dental in the Rocky Mountain Region and former Service tech in that same area, he puts his background in dental equipment to good use. Jorge, 34, who graduated with distinguished honors from the U.S. Army’s Department of Defense Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technician course,  but his training in action in the Army’s 47th combat support hospital. His specialized knowledge in the dental field allowed him to begin work at Benco servicing, repairing and being the “go-to guy for all equipment related to this specialty, from chairs to x-rays”.

When not focused on dentistry, this El Paso, Texas resident’s side pursuits still reflect his attention to minute detail and dedication to an art. As a craftsman of fine leather, Jorge (shown above with the sketch of shoes he would love to create) can spend upward of 30 hours on a handcrafted briefcase or bag, but he views it as time well spent.

JorgeSketchbook“They go from concept to reality. I dream them up, sketch them, develop the patterns, fabricate a protoype, refine it and ultimately make it for myself. I refine details on paper and implement them into the sketches to better visualize the final outcome,” said Jorge.

Although he loves the creative process, he equally finds satisfaction in sharing it with others. Jorge volunteers as a teacher at his local leather supply store.

“I volunteered to teach my first hobby which, was braiding leather, and it developed,” he said.

Jorge referenced his participation in the agriculture department of his high school, where he first began leather braiding for tack and saddlery.

Today, he creates everything from shoes to briefcases, and takes particular pride in the


Jorge takes pride in detail work, such as the complexity of a one-string knot, shown here.

accomplishment of detail work. The complexity of a one-string knot, which he used to create a tassel closure on a bag, or shoemaking allows him to refine his skills.

“When you make shoes there really is a lot involved. Oddly enough you have to consider biomechanics. The way a foot moves, the way a person walks, how they step.”

Next time you see Jorge as a Friendly Benco Rep ask him about his briefcase.

“Many times I have been to a store, an art gallery or an antique shop and more often than not I run into a piece that draws my attention and a series of  inevitable questions always follows. I wonder, who made it? how did they make it? and how did they learn to do that?   When you find the object that catches your eye it is like seeing a reflection of the individual who created it. When you see the skill and complexity of the piece you can imagine the time it must have taken to make. More often than not the technique reveals that the artist or craftsman who created it must have had a long journey to reach that level of proficiency.”


The finished product. Benco Dental Territory Representative and former Service Tech Jorge Rodriguez carries the leather briefcase he designed and created. He enjoys the conversations it sparks in his travels.


Innovation podcasts feature Benco Dental



Researcher, consultant and renowned speaker Dirk Beveridge identified Benco Dental as a company that wasn’t standing still.

That’s why he visited the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor in December to record a series of five podcasts.

The first podcast was broadcasted earlier this week, featuring Benco Dental Managing Director Chuck Cohen and Benco Dental Vice President of Marketing Paul Jackson, discussing the processes they have embedded into Benco’s culture, as well as leadership disciplines put in place to put the customer at the center of defining the distant horizon.

Four future topics include:

  • Culture (Feb 15)
  • Value Proposition (Feb 22)
  • Business Model Innovation (Feb 29)
  • Transformational Leadership (March 7)

In Dirk’s words, “78% of distributors believe they get trapped in the tyranny of the urgent and don’t focus enough on creating the company’s future. However, the Benco leadership team has an amazing commitment and discipline to (and I love how they frame this) … navigate to a distant horizon”.

To listen to the podcast (and future podcasts), click on the link below


innovate-book-e1425677220256Dirk Beveridge is the author of Innovate! How Successful Distributors Lead Change in Disruptive Times. 

Which POTUS pouts are potentially potent?


Newly released data by Delta Dental Plans Association* provides a look at the style of smiles most preferred by the public in a fearless leader.

From former President Bill Clinton (more men – 22% – think he had the best smile than women – 12%) to President Barack Obama (11 point difference with women – 30% over men -19%), a certain smile is crucial.

Whose grin gripped the Greatest Generation? Go on, take a guess. Or read all about it:


*Results taken from a Fall/Winter omnibus survey conducted for Delta Dental Plans Association by Kelton Global between October 26thand 29th, 2015 among 1,013 nationally representative Americans 18+. The margin of error is +/-3.1 percent.

That’s a lot of smiles.


285, 889.

As of Friday, Feb. 5, 285, 889 children were set to participate in the American Dental Association Foundation’s Give Kids A Smile® program.

Launched nationally by the American Dental Association in 2003 to support free oral health services for underserved children, Give Kids A Smile day is celebrated nationally on the first Friday in February each year.

According to the foundation, the participation outlook for the year ahead includes:

Number of Events – 1,252
Number of Kids – 285,889
Participating Dentists – 7,102
Other Volunteers – 24,354
If you would like to join the GKAS movement and host your own event, please visit the GKAS Program Planning Toolbox or the FAQ page.
Use and follow the hashtag #GKAS to share your Give Kids A Smile story and photos on social media.
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Drs. Nancy Villa and Cavan Brunsden at the Rutgers facility groundbreaking. The ADA Foundation presented the Jeff Dalin, DDS, Give Kids A Smile Volunteer Award.

The ADA Foundation offers congratulations to this year’s Smile Champion Award winners, Dr. Cavan Brunsden and the New Jersey Dental Association team, winners of the Jeff Dalin, D.D.S. Give Kids A Smile Volunteer Award.