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Paige Alenick, age 18, of Wyckoff Lake, N.J., remembered not to take anything for granted one night while she was brushing her teeth.

Alenick stated how lucky she was to have the simple gift of being able to brush her teeth. In Third World countries — where there’s not enough food, water or shelter — not enough people stop to think about oral health,” she said.

According to the New York Post, Paige did research and found that you don’t even need toothpaste to help protect you from oral disease, just the brush can help. And this is when she decided to start collecting toothbrushes.

When Paige was a sophomore in high-school (2011) she began the Donate a Toothbrush project.

Paige said the project really took off when her father helped her build a website, which produced local news and regional press.

Paige was invited to speak this year at the United Nations Assembly Youth Conference, on account of her outstanding work.

She has collected and distributed more than 145,000 toothbrushes to families in developing countries as well as locally, says ASDA’s blog, Mouthing Off.

Additionally, Paige applied to the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program as she began her college search in her junior year of high school. The Kohl’s program rewards young volunteers for their community service and, since its inception in 2001, has awarded more than $3.9 million in scholarships and prizes, according to a company press release.

Having learned of her acceptance to New York University’s (NYU) Liberal Studies program just last month, Paige received the timely news that she’d been selected as one of Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program’s 10 national scholarship winners.

While in college, Paige plans to expand her project even further.

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Does near record-breaking snowfall support award-winning dental research? Ask Tufts students.

Tufts University dental students and presenters Shankeertha Sundaralingam, Yamila Garber and Elena Ciciolla spend a moment with Incisal Edge magazine during  Bates Day 2015, March 4 in Boston.

On the cusp of surpassing an all-time snowfall record of 107.6 inches set in 1995-1996, Boston encourages its great healthcare thinkers to break through barriers to knowledge and challenge the status quo.

Students at Boston-based Tufts University School of Dental Medicine spent March 4 showcasing research they had prepared under the guidance of talented mentors.


Tufts School of Dental Medicine third year international student Kunal Dani presented  "Comparison of Two Different Delivery Techniques for the Placement of Bulk Fill Composites" during Bates-Andrews Day 2015 in Boston.

Tufts School of Dental Medicine third year international student Kunal Dani presented “Comparison of Two Different Delivery Techniques for the Placement of Bulk Fill Composites” during Bates-Andrews Day 2015 in Boston.

Invading oral cancer cells, delivery techniques for bulk fill composites, LED headlamp use, fluoride content in green tea — just four of an impressive 72 topics tackled through their initiatives. During Bates-Andrews Day 2015,  predoctoral and postgraduate students showcased their research with poster presentations.

Great dental minds are nourished in an environment that encourages and supports student participation in research, and the mentors, administrators and educators at Tufts graciously provide those necessary factors. Dean Huw F. Thomas, B.D.S., M.S., Ph.D. offered a shout out to Eileen Doherty’s guidance as director of predoctoral student research and Dr. Gerard Kugel’s leadership as Associate Dean for Research.

Onetime Bates-Andrews Day presenter  (2001), Ancy Verdier, DMD, returned to campus from his flourishing practice at Worcester Periodontics to share his unique insight with “The Complete Clinician: Evidence Based Research in the Dental Office.”

In between presentations, students visited with commercial exhibitors and contributors on campus. Their quest for answers continued in this forum. “What makes a PRO-SYS toothbrush innovative?” queried several students of the Benco Dental team’s private label offering.

The answer they received: DuPont bristles, a rubber-free (thus gunk-free) handle and a one toothbrush donation to global charities for every toothbrush purchased.

Satisfied with this, they moved on the other questions: How are dentists selected for Incisal Edge 40 Under 40? Will this cell phone screen cleaning cloth work on dental loupes?

Inquiring minds never rest.

Tufts third year dental student Christina Penn congratulates #LucyHobbsProject award recipient Dr. Esther M. Wilkins.

Tufts students, faculty and visitors learn this from the best examples in their midst, including Professor Emeritus Esther Wilkins, D49, DG66, who recently received notification that she will be honored as an Industry Icon by Benco Dental’s Lucy Hobbs Project during the program’s annual celebration to honor exemplary women in dentistry, slated to take place June 4-5 in Baltimore.

Passersby at the Benco Dental table participated in photo ops to congratulate Dr. Wilkins, one of three women who started at Tufts with the class of 1949.

Groundbreaking Root Canal Sealer from an experienced innovator



Septodont has dedicated over 80 years to innovative product development and manufacturing exclusively to the dental profession.

Known for their heritage and expertise, leading innovation, and vision and values, Septodont has developed a wide range of high quality products for dental professionals. Part of their philosophy includes maintaining close relationships with dental professionals and bringing innovative, safe and effective solutions for dentistry worldwide

Their bioactive and biocompatible revolution, the BioRoot™ RCS Root Canal Sealer,  a mineral-based innovation, reveals four positive features:

  • Resin-free – made from pure calcium silicate and is monomer-free ensuring zero shrinkage
  • Hydrophilic – continues the sealing process in the presence of moisture within the root
  • High alkaline pH
  • Strong Seal – void-free, tight interface with outstanding adhesion

To view more of what BIOROOT™ RCS has to offer, view

The Most Contagious Thing in a Dental Office?


By Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America 

Does simply being near, or watching, stressful situations make you uncomfortable?

Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America

Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America

A team at Saint Louis University recently created “secondhand stress” to study whether it could be as contagious as a cold. They had strangers observing a man nearby who was defending himself against a false accusation. The question: Would the stranger catch the accused man’s stress?

After measuring the stranger’s heart rates and cortisol levels, the researchers found that a person could catch another person’s stress, even if they had never met.

“To find that in some people, some of the time, you can elicit these responses just by sitting and watching someone else under stress was somewhat surprising to us,” said Tony Buchanan, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Saint Louis University.

Researchers said that stress can be passed on through things like facial expressions, voice frequency, odor and touch, and that it’s often not good for you.

Over time, chronic stress can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and depression.

And while a person can catch stress from a stranger, studies have shown that you are four times more likely to get it from someone you KNOW…. coworkers, friends and family.

The key is to realize when your stress is someone else’s stress and find ways to let it go and not internalize it. In the dental practice, being a human capital business, each team member must be mindful of what stressors they may be projecting to co-workers and patients.

There is no workplace that is is immune to stressful situations. However, becoming responsive, rather than reactive, is crucial to handling and diffusing negative stress. Reaction is based in habit, response is rooted by choice.  A choice can be made with knowledge.



Two thumbs up from Sophia. But what does the teddy bear think?

A child in upstate New York offers two thumbs up to her dentist.

“It just felt like nothing,” said Sophia, a youngster who entered the  office of Lawrence A. Kotlow, D.D.S., P.C. with eight caries. She had never experienced a filling prior.

Dr. Kotlow credits Solea, the first FDA-approved, CO2 9.3 micron dental laser for hard and soft tissue ablation.

“There was no downside to what we did,” he said.

He refers to the fact that Solea enables anesthesia-free treatment.

An array of dental lasers have been on the market for the past 30 years, but Solea is the first to enable reliable anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures.

A new partnership will make the laser available to 35,000 dentists across the country.

Convergent Dental Inc., a privately held dental equipment and technology company, announced this week it has partnered with Benco Dental, the largest privately owned, full-service distributor of dental supplies, dental equipment, dental consulting & equipment services in the United States.

Effective immediately, Benco Dental will offer Solea, the first FDA-approved, CO2 9.3 micron dental laser for hard and soft tissue ablation, to its 35,000 customers nationwide. For more than 80 years, Benco Dental has established itself as a trusted partner to dentists, helping to recommend and integrate the industry’s latest technologies into dentists’ practices. Solea fits perfectly into the dental distributor’s portfolio of innovative products and services that empower practitioners to efficiently perform more procedures and facilitate revenue growth.

jackson_sharepoint 02

Benco Dental Vice President of Marketing Paul Jackson

“We are thrilled to add an exciting new product to our portfolio with proven capabilities to greatly impact our customers’ bottom line and patient experience,” said Benco Dental Vice President of Marketing Paul Jackson.

Benco Dental’s tireless commitment to putting high-quality products in thousands of dentists’ offices throughout the country has made it one of the most trusted names in dentistry. The dental supplier provides strategic guidance and support on everything from cost management to the integration of high tech equipment aimed at enabling improved clinical outcomes and practice growth. Benco Dental’s role as a strategic partner to dentists is even more critical now as significant advances in science and technology introduce dozens of new tools to the market every year.

“Benco Dental’s decision to select Solea for its product portfolio speaks volumes about Convergent Dental and this dental laser,” said Dr. Hugh Flax, a Solea user and long-time Benco Dental customer. “Having replaced my erbium laser with Solea’s advanced CO2 technology, it is clear to me that Solea represents an entirely new paradigm in dentistry. Joining forces with one of the most trusted dental suppliers in North America is a tremendous union that will make it easier for more dentists to deliver an entirely new patient experience.”

Solea dentists save time from not injecting or waiting for patients to get numb, enabling four-quadrant dentistry and bloodless procedures that they would not have performed with traditional tools. They routinely perform six or more additional procedures per day as a result. Convergent Dental’s partnership with Benco Dental will help more practitioners increase their efficiency, decrease chair time and grow their revenues with the fastest-growing hard and soft tissue laser on the market.

“We are honored to partner with Benco Dental, one of the most respected, professional and knowledgeable dental suppliers in the country. Our corporate cultures are perfectly aligned, with the focus being squarely on delivering on our promises to our customers above all else,” said Convergent Dental CEO Michael Cataldo. “That priority is certain to drive ongoing success for Convergent, Benco Dental and the customers we have in common.”