Big efforts for tiny teeth: On Tooth Fairies, generous and bankrupt.

Children's author and illustrator Carolyn Mandache said she was inspired to create short story The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy because she has four young children at home, "three of whom are rapidly losing their baby expensive business for parents!"

CAPTION: Children’s author and illustrator Carolyn Mandache created short story The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy, shown above.

Global entities and blogging moms — all doing their part to keep tiny teeth intact.

The Septodont donation of over 1,000 Toothfairy™ Pit & Fissure Sealant Kits and Oraverse® was distributed to America’s ToothFairy Affiliate clinical programs reaching at-risk children across the US with vital oral health services. - See more at:

The Septodont donation of over 1,000 Toothfairy™ Pit & Fissure Sealant Kits and Oraverse® was distributed to America’s ToothFairy Affiliate clinical programs reaching at-risk children across the US with vital oral health services. – See more at:

Septodont, the world’s largest dental anesthetic manufacturer,  has generously donated more than $138,000 in sealant and anesthesia reversal products to National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s ToothFairy® (NCOHF) to help save young smiles, according to a report by  The America’s ToothFairy Affiliate network consists of community-based, non-profit programs throughout North America dedicated to providing the best educational, preventive and treatment services for vulnerable children and families.

Another international effort: Glasgow-based children’s author and illustrator @carolynmandache said a short story she created, The Bankrupt Tooth Fairy, aims to be fun and entertaining, “whilst at the same time encouraging children to look after their teeth.” Her humorous tone evolves from her four young children, “three of whom are rapidly losing their baby teeth…an expensive business for parents.”

Read more about Septodont’s donation here:

Get a glimpse of Carolyn Mandache’s creativity here:


Come on people now. Smile on your brother.

CAPTION: Benco Dental Managing Partner Chuck Cohen presents the CenterPoint Design team's "peaceful demonstration" for the United Way Food Drive.

CAPTION: Benco Dental Managing Partner Chuck Cohen presents the CenterPoint Design team’s “peaceful demonstration” for the United Way Food Drive.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, for the past 23 years, the Workplace Council (through the United Way of Wyoming Valley) has organized a Christmas in July Food Drive in order to restock local food pantries. This project is scheduled at a crucial time of the year when many pantries find their shelves empty and in need of supplies.

The Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank who distributes the food donations to charitable organizations feeding the needy in the region. Some of these charities include food pantries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, group homes for the disabled, day care centers, children’s camps and senior citizen programs.

Benco Dental, the largest privately-owned dental company in the United States, annually supports the cause, and this year, thanks to an associate suggestion through the organization’s Idea Bank, a  a contest is underway to generate additional donations. Contest winners will be determined by a calculation of pounds (overall pounds of food per person on the team) and monetary donations (every dollar raised counts as 2 lbs. of food).

The collection continues through July 28. Find out how to support the cause through the United Way of Wyoming Valley @UnitedWayWB.

Tooth Fairy Files: A mockumentary for the next generation

A “Wanted” portrait of the tooth-snatching mouse known throughout Latin America as Ratoncito Perez; an early 19th century tooth key used for pulling teeth, a puppet from the early 1930s; tiny porcelain teeth and a drawer of coins, shells, and other substances used as money — the makings of a curious collection.

To the folks at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, these artifacts provide actual evidence that the Tooth Fairy used the Smithsonian as her secret drop location, at least as part of an imaginative video inspired by Katherine Ott,  Curator in the Division of Medicine and Science there.

“The material past holds countless surprises and mysteries to be solved—the next generation of history lovers, historians, and museum goers may well become hooked on the past through the museum’s mockumentary on the Tooth Fairy mystery,” Ott writes in her museum blog. 

With the help of student film-maker Angeli Gabriel from American University and Ott’s museum colleagues who agreed to dead-pan for the camera, “The Tooth Fairy File” became a reality.

Ott invites those with  youngsters in their life (pediatric dentists, this means you) to inspire them, using the video, to start their journey through time with a museum visit.

A smattering of dental artifacts featured at the museum is also available for view at:




Q: Why did the yogi refuse anesthesia when having her wisdom teeth removed?

Laughter Yoga instructor and Reiki Master Gail Sky.


A: She wanted to transcend-dental-medication.

Maybe that riddle is a stretch, but Laughter Yoga instructor and Reiki Master Gail Sky, shown, will deliver genuine revelry and relaxation for dental professionals in attendance today at a Lucy Hobbs Project™ Networking Event in Westerville, Ohio.

“An Evening of Wine and Laughter Featuring: Gail Sky,” hosted by Benco Dental at The Lakes Golf & Country Club from 6 to 9 p.m., will offer a unique opportunity to de-stress your dental practice. Sky, a registered Yoga 500 Teacher, will guide attendees through simple breathing, stretching and laughing exercises with special attention devoted to head, neck and hand movement.

Members of the dental industry are invited at no charge,  but each attendee is asked to bring a gently used outfit to benefit Dress for Success. For details regarding this event or to register, visit

Named for the woman who, in 1866, became the first American female to earn a degree in dentistry, The Lucy Hobbs Project inspires women in the profession to drive change and deliver success through networking, innovation and giving back. Dr. Hobbs, denied access to education because of her gender, learned dentistry with the assist of a mentor, through apprenticeship, and eventually graduated from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery. Free to join, the project aims to bring women together from all facets of the dental industry.  To sign up for The Lucy Hobbs Project, visit:

Benco Dental, headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is the largest privately-owned dental company in the United States, offering a full array of supplies, equipment and services to dentists across the nation.  Founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, the company has remained family-owned and focused on its unique mission to ‘deliver success, smile after smile.’  Over the past decade, Benco has been the nation’s fastest growing dental distributor, now servicing more than 35,000 dentists and dental laboratories.

Within the past 83 years, the company has grown from a single downtown location to a national network of more than 65 regional locations, five distribution centers, and two design showrooms.  Those design showrooms, one at the company’s PA headquarters and one in Southern California, feature North America’s largest selection of dental equipment and technology, as well as a hands-on dental design experience, to assist dentists in the planning and construction of a new office.

Get serious about your giveaways.



CAPTION: Braced-Lets, shown, $5 stretchy sensations, might be a clever giveaway item for orthodontic patients. Find them at

Strengthen relationships with existing patients and create awareness among prospective patients with giveaways, according to a recent article by The Modern Dental Practice Marketing Consultants. Just be sure these generous gestures are thought out completely.

Being mindful of your recipients and promoting your signature services will make your efforts worthwhile.

For instance, older patients might appreciate printed materials and coupons, while other age groups might prefer  to use offer codes and exclusive digital deals.

If your practice specialty is orthodontics, cater to your teen and tween patients with swag such as Braced-Lets, the wrist accessories crafted entirely out of authentic orthodontic materials.

For more on the topic, along with seven suggested locations for new patient prospecting, read more at: