Remember the game ‘Operation’?


By Kelsi Matylewicz/Benco Dental Social Media Intern

If you’re thinking of the battery-operated game that tests players’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by asking them to remove small body organs, it is one and the same.

Well, The Dental Trade Alliance, through their Foundation, is introducing a web-based woman, who doesn’t beep, but helps you learn why dental care is so important.

The Dental Trade Alliance Foundation has developed Operation: Whole Body Health.  Their “DTA Foundation” model features a graphic representation of the effects of poor oral health on your overall health, with the help of a model.

When visiting, click on the various body parts and it will tell you the effects oral health has on that body part.

A little preview:

  • The tooth represents cancer. Research has shown that men with gum disease have a higher likelihood of developing cancer.
  • The bandage symbol represents the lungs: bacteria in the mouth can be aspirated into the lungs, causing respiratory disease such as pneumonia.
  • The heart represents a heart, one which will be hurting if oral health is not a priority. Inflammation and infection caused by oral bacteria might be linked to heart disease.
  • The purple kidney bean represents themselves. One study shows that “people with severe periodontal disease developed chronic kidney disease at four times the rate as those without diseased gums.”

Visit Operation:Whole Body Health to view the other body parts.

According to the HuffPost Healthy Living,

Francesco D’Aiuto, senior lecturer at the Eastman Dental Institute in London, chatted with The Guardian about what he refers to as the the “mouth-body connection,” or the idea that a healthy body is strongly correlated with good dental hygiene.

“The mouth is not disconnected from the rest of the body,” he explained. “People should not underestimate what the body senses when the mouth is neglected.”

To view more of his thoughts of the connection between mouth and body, read:

Red wine staining your teeth? Bring on the cheese fries.


This might be the best news I’ve heard all week: among the helpful tips shared by InStyle magazine to protect red wine drinkers from stained teeth is pairing wine with hard cheeses and high fiber foods, such as potatoes.

I doubt they meant melted cheese and french fries, but a girl can dream.

Brussels sprouts and broccoli are probably more effective.

On another note, according to, switching to white wine is not the answer, either:

Skip the white wine. While red wine might stain your teeth, white is actually more damaging. “Wine contains tannins that bind to the surface of teeth and acid which reduces the mineral content of teeth leading to erosion of the enamel,” Dr. Alokh Persha says. “Different wines are acidic to different degrees and white wine generally causes more tooth erosion than red wine.”

InStyle also mentioned an intriguing product known as the  Wine Wipes Compact ($8).

I’ll investigate and report back.

In the meantime, remember to brush your teeth before you head out for cocktails. (And after you nosh on that high fiber broccoli. You don’t want green bits accessorizing your smile.)

Seriously, though, Dr. Persha told InStyle that advance brushing helps prevent stains, because plaque and tartar on teeth are magnets for red wine, and tend to worsen the stain.

And view more tips at:

A visit to Adventureland? Two Michigan dentists hope it’s on your itinerary.


By Kristie Ceruti/Shared by Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine

Drs. James Van Wingen and Matt Mandeville of Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry wanted a practice design that suited their love of exploration and the natural beauty of the surroundings outside. Boy, did they ever get it.

Traverse City, Michigan, is a place of stunning natural beauty, and Drs. James Van Wingen and Matt Mandeville have done their best to ensure that the town’s interiors well, those of their practice, Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry, at least- are spectacular as well.


A miniature boathouse and rowboat, a tall wooden giraffe, animal masks, three-dimensional fabric “boats” suspended from the ceiling, a butterfly wall and everywhere a riot of rich colors greet youngsters arriving for their appointments.

A miniature boathouse and rowboat, a tall wooden giraffe, animal masks, three-dimensional fabric “boats” suspended from the ceiling, a butterfly wall and everywhere a riot of rich colors greet youngsters arriving for their appointments. “We like that our office feels less like a clinic and more like a fun place of exploration for our patients,” Dr. Van Wingen says- appropriately so, given both his and Dr. Mandeville’s passion for adventure and travel.

Several years ago, in search of a more practical location- as proprietors of one of the few pediatric practices in in northern Michigan, Drs. Van Wingen and Mandeville are accustomed to patients traveling hours to see them- the two adventurers ended up in a 14,8000-square-foot former law office with a 5,800-square-foot lower level. A painstaking five-month renovation was completed last November.

“The Building we purchases was very large and segmented,” Dr. Van Wingen says. “With the help of the architect, interior designer, contractor and Benco Dental Design Team, we found a good solution.”

A good solution, yes- not to mention a colorful, playful and outdoorsy one that suits Traverse City to a T.

Interested in entering your own design? Incisal Edge Design Contest, sponsored by Clarion Financial, is now taking nominees, enter here:

Want to view more of Drs. Van Wingen and Mandeville office photos?

Smile, it’s summer!

By Kelsi Matylewicz/Benco Dental Social Media Intern

National dental distribution company Benco Dental does business according to the slogan: “We deliver success smile after smile.”

So, to complement that message, this blog is dedicated to songs that will make you smile this summer.

If parties, swimming, picnics, vacation, camp fire, fishing, hiking, and warm reviving sun aren’t enough reason, maybe these songs, provided by ADA’s Mouth Healthy, will do the trick.

  • “Smile” by Uncle Kracker
  • “Smile Like You Mean It” by The Killers
  • “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” by Sia
  • “When I See You Smile” by Bad English
  • “Can’t Smile Without You” by Barry Manilow
  • “Your Smiling Face” by James Taylor
  • “When You’re Smiling” by Louis Armstrong

Smiling just thinking about these songs? View here to listen:



Holy CE credits, Batman!!

townie meeting11754831_999084543457174_4490499233820739837_o

By Kelsi Matylewicz/Benco Dental Social Media Intern

Do you love dressing as your favorite superhero or supervillain? Do you wonder why it can’t be Halloween every day?

If so, mark your calendar to attend the Townie Meeting 2016, which will take place at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, March 30 – April 2.

Continuing Education courses will be offered and at this year’s program you can earn AGD CE credits in topics ranging from practice management, CAD/CAM, hygiene, cosmetic dentistry and more.

According to,

“Townie Meeting is not your average dental meeting. Townie Meeting is not only a reunion for Townies, a k a members of the largest online dental community,; but it is a yearly gathering of all dental professionals interested in education, entertainment and camaraderie!”

Started by dentists for dentists, the founders Dr. Tarun Agarwal and Dr. Sameer Puri’s vision was to create a dental meeting where attendees could attend cutting edge continuing education courses, have time to socialize and meet fellow practitioners with the same interests. Dr. Puri, a West Coast dentist, and Dr. Argawal, an East Coast clinician, were in constant conversation on the message boards. Eleven years ago they decided they wanted to meet, and so Townie Meeting was born. Townie Meeting has since grown to be one of the most talked about dental shows each year.

It’s a costume party you won’t want to miss!