Welcome to my (dental) nightmare

This image courtesy PolyurethaneWheels, depicts a dentist office onsite at the former Forest Haven children’s psychiatric hospital in Laurel, Maryland.

The most frightening promise of October in the dental industry used to be excessive candy consumption.

Today, popular initiatives such as  Kool Smiles Operation Troop Treats, the largest Halloween candy buyback program by a dental provider in the United States, are chipping away at the holiday’s cavity-creating traditions one ton at a time.  (Operation Troop Treats has contributed to a total of more than five tons of sweets shipped to U.S. soldiers overseas and is now in its fourth consecutive year.)

(images via: English Russia) An abandoned Soviet-era dental college and clinic in Russia earns top position in Web Urbanists' compilation of

(images via: English Russia)
An abandoned Soviet-era dental college and clinic in Russia earns top position in Web Urbanists’ compilation of “Nine Creepy Abandoned Dentist Offices.”

So what’s terrifying in today’s dental blogosphere? Hands down, it’s the Web Urbanists’ photo compilation of “Nine Creepy Abandoned Dentist Offices.”

From reformatories in England to clinics in Russia these deserted dental operatories and offices would’ve been ideal haunts for the late “maestro of horror” Wes Craven. The U.S. is not exempt — four of the nine selections are within the 50 states — the former Forest Haven children’s psychiatric clinic in Laurel, Md. is shown above.

Not convinced? View all nine at: http://weburbanist.com/2013/09/15/is-it-safe-nine-creepy-abandoned-dentist-offices/ and decide for yourself.

They’re hardly #tbt images of the dental practices I visited in the 1970s, and for that I am grateful.

Let the haunting begin.

Who knew plain old toothpaste was so versatile?


Goodhousekeeping.com, it would seem.

Maybe you’ve removed tarnish from your silver jewelry in a pinch with an old toothbrush and a dab of traditional white paste, but have you ever thought of using this medicine cabinet mainstay to remove tea and coffee stains from mugs? Or to banish the garlic scent that lingers on your fingers after mincing a fresh clove for your homemade salsa recipe?

In a recent article,  explains:

“Toothpaste’s main role is, of course, to leave your mouth squeaky clean and (hopefully) cavity-free. But its cleansing power and abrasive texture actually makes it quite useful all over the house.
One caveat: If you clean, shine, or solve other problems toothpaste, choose the regular white version instead of a gel, which has ingredients that may work againt your best intentions.”

Piro offers six more “ingenious uses,” some of which might translate to your household cleaning: “rub a bit of toothpaste over your bathroom fixtures with a wet sponge to get gunk off chrome,” and even to your wardrobe: “get your tennis shoes to their just-out-of-the-box state by scrubbing with a toothpaste.”

Read more of her tips at: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/tips/a26902/new-uses-toothpaste/

Or if you care more for your car than your kitchen, grab a soft cloth and head for your driveway.

Screenshot 2015-09-22 14.32.34

Not my Jetta’s headlights, but a great take on toothpaste’s track record as a clever cleaning agent, courtesy of Sarah Lipoff for pop sugar.com.

This MolarMuse put a Pinterest tip for toothpaste to the test on a Volkswagen’s visual impairment– unclear headlights. The result: a brighter view.

Maybe MegaGen was her birthday wish?

Louise Bonito had 102 reasons to celebrate at her birthday party earlier this year.

According to telegraph.co.uk, the grandmother from Connecticut reached the impressive age on April 26. When celebrating with her loved ones a few days later, she blew out her birthday candles, but her dentures made a surprise appearance.

“I took a deep, deep, breath and with all my might I blew out the candles and then my teeth came out,” the birthday girl told ABC News.

Perhaps if dental implants were involved, she and her family might have shared a little less laughter, and there might not exist the humorous viral video, but her celebratory smile would have remained intact.

“Our tooth replacement systems offers dentists immediate loading for faster treatment time, as well as systems for all indications that do not require learning new techniques and that are more economical. Hands-on courses and full service from dental supply dealers add benefit to the offerings,” said Carey Lyons, CEO of ids.

 Founded in 2013, ids acquired MegaGen brand implants that provide fast, stable and predictable tooth replacement and shorten treatment time. ids has added to its portfolio Reflect Implants that are surgically and prosthecticly compatible with leading brands, Dental Master patient education software, AnyWhere universal implant provisional system and the Smart Dentin Grinder to produce bone augmentation material from extracted teeth chairside.

Earlier this year, Integrated Dental Systems (ids) of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and Benco Dental of Pittston, announced hat Benco Dental will distribute the full range of ids tooth replacement products. Included in the offerings: AnyRidge Implants, AnyOne Implants, Reflect Rapid Implants, Reflect Tapered Screw Implants, Smart Dentin Grinder, AnyWhere Implant Provisional System and Dental Master patient education and case acceptance software.

“We are thrilled to provide our more than 400 sales representatives a complete and feature-rich range of implants and implant-related products from ids,” said Benco Managing Director Chuck Cohen. “Our team understands the opportunity and has been training with ids and their key opinion leaders to offer innovative tooth replacement solutions to dental professionals to better serve their patients.”

For more information about ids and their complete range of implants visit http://www.idsimplants.com or call 1.800.GO.BENCO.

Ask your dentist for an autograph while you have the chance.

Get your dentist's autograph while you can- odds are he or she is likely headed for a celebrity moment.

Showstopper Sofia Vergara, of ABC’s Modern Family, says at one point she was two semesters shy of completing dental school in her native Colombia.

Famed American gunfighter John Henry “Doc” Holliday attended and graduated from the Pennsylvania School of Dental Surgery in 1872. Soon after his graduation, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and took his show on the road out West, as he was told by a few medical professionals that the dry climate could potentially be a cure. He eventually settled in Dallas, Texas and opened a practice.

War hero Paul Revere had a day job as a dentist and specialized in making false teeth. He also made a historical midnight

Courtesy Tyler Family Dentistry http://www.tylerfamilydentistry.com/blog/post/did-you-know-paul-revere-was-a-dentist.html

“The cavities are coming! The cavities are coming!” ? Maybe not quite the message Paul Revere once shared. Courtesy Tyler Family Dentistry

ride just before the battles of Concord and Lexington to warn people, “The British are coming! The British are coming!”

Lucy Hobbs Taylor earned celebrity status by becoming the first American woman to graduate from dental school (Ohio College of Dental Surgery in 1866).

Thomas Welch, (the inventor of Welch’s grape juice), was a dentist.

Although most of the aforementioned were dentists first, some made the career change after finding fame in another profession first: James Lonborg played Major League Baseball with the Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, and Philadelphia Phillies and found a second career in the in a dental practice after years on the pitching mound. (Learn about a few more famous dentists in a blog by Dr. Mark Bilello of Houma, Los Angeles or on a Pinterest page compiled by Phyllis Dixon, DDS, PC)

Screenshot 2015-09-17 08.58.14

Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine elevates America’s best young dentists to red carpet status annually with its 40 Under 40 awards.

Finally, others have the best of both worlds: Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine elevates America’s best young dentists to red carpet status annually with its 40 Under 40 awards and awards dental innovators their due alongside other game changing pioneers (ahem, Thomas Alva Edison), with its recent partnership with the Edison Awards™.

Moral of the story: Dentists rock the house, (and the baseball diamond, the big and small screen and history books everywhere.) And while they might be also be sports legends and entrepreneurial wonders, they are, first and foremost, health care heroes in their communities on a daily basis.

Next time you’re in for a cleaning, better ask for an autograph!

South Texas dentist makes us (almost) wish for winter.

South Texas dentist Dr. Chip Parrish gives a first person glimpse at vacation destination Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Shown, Town Square Arch.

Starting to plan a family ski trip? Dr. Chip Parrish recently shared with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine a first person account of his family’s visit to an area that averages an astounding 459 inches of snow annually.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides through the National Elk Refuge. Moose. Spectacular heated pools with

Moose on the loose. Jackson Hole’s heartiest herbivore.

outdoor fireplaces and hot tubs. Moose. Mountain sunsets. Pappy Vin Winkle bourbon. One of the country’s best ranked ski schools complete with seven hours of snow play for the kids, snacks and safety instruction.

That’s just a glimpse of what you can expect from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Find out what tempted a Texan who thought he had retired from skiing for good to give the slopes a second chance. Learn the difference between the town of Jackson and the valley floor between the Teton mountains and the Snake River that earned the name for the entire area. Find out why tony, trendy Jackson Hole offers the perfect Wyoming vacation for families and hardcore skiers alike.

Read on at: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/9975d83d#/9975d83d/80

Dr. Chip Parrish and his wife Jennifer share a practice in the Texas Hill Country. Here they take on Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a family vacation.http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/9975d83d#/9975d83d/80

Dr. Chip Parrish and his wife Jennifer share a practice in the Texas Hill Country. Here they take on Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a family vacation.