Elevate your practice

In this video Inspire Before You Expire, Mark E. Hyman, DDS, MAGD translates a childhood anecdote about baseball legend Bob Gibson to the importance of relationships with patients at the dental practice.

Dr. Hyman, one of two keynote speakers, aims to inspire attendees at this year’s 2014 Dental Summit hosted by Carestream Dental November 7 to 9 in Atlanta, Georgia.

He, along with Bob Spiel, MBA, and nine additional presenters, unite with one goal in mind: to  “Elevate Your Practice to All-New Heights.”

Find out more and register at: www.carestreamdental.com/dentalsummit 

art worlds collide

Dr. Nathalie Zenian McOmber of Howell, NJ, models necklace 'firefly' by Christine Brandt, which features African Black Ebony and Vanadinite on Barite.
Photo courtesy Jeff Fried.

Artist and jewlery deisgner Christine J. Brandt provided wearable art to accessorize a recent Incisal Edge photo shoot in New York City. http://www.christinejbrandt.com

CAPTION: Dr. Nathalie Zenian McOmber of Howell, NJ, models necklace ‘firefly’ by Christine Brandt, which features African Black Ebony and Vanadinite on Barite.
Photo courtesy Jeff Fried.

Dental enhancement, certainly, can be classified as wearable art. Especially in the sense that an effortless, memorable smile transcends time and place. Celebrities have built entire brands on their smiles (think Julia Roberts or  Madonna).

It seems serendipitous that stars aligned to bring artists from assorted paths together at a recent gathering in New York City.

Forty of America’s finest young practitioners of dental art attended a two-day event featuring photographer Jeff Fried @DeepFriedPhoto at the historic 13th Street Repertory Company, hosted by Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine to create a portfolio of photos by for its recently published 40 Under 40 edition.

Fortunately, an artist in other media saw fit to share her time and unique talent to complement the beauty of the models.

christine brandt ice drop ring

ice drop ring by christine brandt

Jewelry designer Christine Brandt is a child of several cultures, having been raised in Europe, Scandinavia and the United States, in addition to her birthplace of Japan. These four distinct cultural influences have enabled her to create truly one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, hand carved from exotic woods found, like her roots, all over the world.

Christine’s pieces are finished in as natural a state as possible: the wood is never stained or varnished, but burnished and hand-rubbed with several coats of natural Danish oil to bring out the grain and natural colors in the wood. The semi-precious stones and minerals found in her designs are all completely unique formations in their own matrix, meaning they are not cut, polished, or dyed, but as they are found in nature.

National magazines to feature her creations include O, The Oprah Magazine,Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Zink, Vogue, Allure, Conde Nast Traveler, and Marie Claire, among countless numerous others.


Christine J. Brandt’s design of wood and stone graced the pages of an edition of Marie Claire magazine that featured actor Julia Roberts.

Value, Validation, and Visibility

Edison Awards

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
-Thomas A. Edison

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Bert and Ernie, chocolate and peanut butter — complementary partnerships that stand the test of time.

Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine joins forces with the Edison Awards™ in globally recognizing, honoring and fostering innovation and innovators to create a positive impact in the world.
edison awards

In the words of Incisal Edge Founders Chuck Cohen and Rick Cohen:

“Together, we are bringing dental innovations out of the shadows and giving them the international recognition they deserve. Here’s how: Edison will now feature categories honoring the year’s most innovative dental equipment, merchandise and technology. They’ll rigorously screen all nominees to determine the finalists, who will be featured in the spring issue of Incisal Edge. The finalists will then be invited to attend the annual Edison Awards Gala (the Oscars of innovation) and bask in the adulation.”

Join the ranks of previous winners including 3M, Disney, Craftsman, Johnson Controls, Dyson, and Logitech and nominate your company’s innovative product or service. The value of an Edison Award™ is powerful in terms of its ability to boost recognition and market visibility.

How to Enter
To nominate a product or service for an Edison Award or Edison Green Award, download the 2015 Nomination Guide and complete the online Nomination Form that will be posted on September 1, 2014. Final deadline is December 5, 2014. Follow the instructions on the form, and submit your nomination, along with the entry fee, as directed. Winners will be announced during the April 2015 Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner.


What do 2 dentists, an architect, a professor and a visionary have in common?


The 2nd annual Incisal Edge Design Awards sponsored by Clarion Financial, for one.

Dentists, dental students, architects and interior designers might be a few photos away from winning a $1,000 prize in the competition. Nominations will be accepted and winners awarded $1,000 in each of the contest’s five  categories: new construction, repurposed practice, eco-friendly practice, specialty practice and Design of the Future. This year’s juried panel for the dental lifestyle magazine contest will include five experts from the worlds of architecture and dentistry.

Entries will be accepted through September 5, 2014. Enter here:

Get the inside track on the blue ribbon panel of judges:
DAVID ALLISON, FAIA, NCARB, ACHA,  is the Alumni Distinguished Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies in Architecture and Health at Clemson University, focusing on health-care architecture. His primary areas of study are operational efficiency and effectiveness; health outcomes and patient safety; patient, family and staff satisfaction; and accommodating change. He is a founding member of the Fellowship of the American College of Healthcare Architects and the Coalition for Health Environments Research.

TRISTAN HAMILTON, DDS, M. ARCH., holds degrees in architecture (from Andrews University in Michigan) and dentistry (from Loma Linda University in Southern California). He practiced as an architect for several years in Washington, D.C.; among the projects he worked on were renovations of numerous U.S.embassies around the world.  He lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he practices in an office he designed himself, a space previously featured in Incisal Edge as one of the best dental offices in America.

LISA PHILP, RDH, CMC,  combines practical applications of dentistry with real life solutions as the innovative leader and business owner at the full-service coaching company for dentistry – Transitions Group North America. Her mission: To make dentistry simple and fun, allowing dental professionals to achieve personal and professional fulfillment in the workplace. A graduate from East Tennessee State University, she began the clinical portion of her career as a Registered Dental Hygienist in the United States and Canada.

REX WILDEY, DDS, holds a degree in dentistry and a certificate in pediatric dentistry from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. A second generation dentist, he infuses a commitment to the welfare of children into his practice, a surf-themed haven created around a vintage Volkswagen microbus. In 2014, Wildey Pediatric Dentistry, Texas earned an Incisal Edge Design Award in the Specialty Practice category.

ADAM M. WISE, LEED AP DESIGNER, BOHLIN CYWINSKI JACKSON, is an architect and an LEED Accredited Professional whose primary focus concerns using state-of-theart technology to streamline design. He earned his master’s degree in architecture from Judson University near Chicago, where his thesis proposed viable solutions for the development of environmentally friendly “net-zero” homes. Wise is employed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, a national architectural, planning and interior-design firm that has received more than 500 awards for design.