Operatory Lights. Intraoral Camera. Dental Action.

By Brian Dawson/ Managing Editor, Crocus Media

The talented practitioners Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine showcases in this year’s 40 Under 40 look plenty good on their own, commanding the stage at one of Manhattan’s most storied theaters – 13th Street Repertory Company. Making them look even better is photographer JEFF FRIED @DeepFriedPhoto, who for the second year running shot America’s top young dentists for the magazine, giving them a little off-Broadway pizzazz to complement their professional expertise.


Published by Benco Dental, Incisal Edge celebrates dentists’ achievements both inside the operatory and during their hard-earned downtime — and nothing better exemplifies this than the 40 Under 40, a series of informative profiles of the finest young practitioners in our industry today. http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/32b480a8#/32b480a8/1

“I can’texpress how gratifying it was making this year’s 40 Under 40 smile,” says Fried, whose recent subjects have included music superstar Alicia Keys and movie director Morgan Spurlock.

“One major aspect of my job is making everyone feel at ease in front of the camera, and doing so in a matter of seconds. For me, humor is the simplest path to getting subjects comfortable and seeing those pearly whites shine.”

Great photography is only one aspect of a magazine’s overall aesthetic, of course, and it’s DONNA SHRADER, Incisal Edge’s design director, who makes this entire issue — the lavish 40 Under 40 package, a travel feature on downtown Los Angeles and everything in between — look so sharp.

“I love how our overall design reflects dentistry: edgy, precise, clean lines,” says Shrader, who has been with Benco Dental for 15 years. For the 40 Under 40, she brought that sensibility to pair beautifully with Fried’s camera work.

“The photo shoot was exciting,” she says. “The doctors were fun, free and so happy to celebrate their success and accomplishments. Who knew there was so much glamour in dentistry?” Thanks in large part to Shrader’s exquisite artistic instincts, now we all do.

One thing you’ll notice throughout the 40 Under 40 package is the effortlessly elegant clothes in which the dentists are attired. For that, kudos go to creative style director JOSEPH DEACETIS @JosephDeAcetis, who outfitted them all in the latest looks — an appropriately posh choice given the theatrical location.

“The spirited vibe of the doctors created a truly fun-filled atmosphere,” says DeAcetis, who has coordinated fashion for brands and publications as diverse as Kiton, Jack of Spades, Playboy and Forbes.

“The docs were good-looking, and they all had a sense of style that enabled their personalities to come alive. They were a great group — lights on, curtains up, center stage.”

Also lending their talents at the shoot were artist and jewelry designer CHRISTINE BRANDT, wardrobe technician PATTIE BARBOSA, make-up artist SUZANA HALLILI @suzanahallili and hair artist DANIELLE WRIGHT http://instagram.com/dwrighthair, among others.



Grasping greatness

Hu-Friedy presents the Air-Flow Handy 3.0, and handy it is — with a slender handpiece that offers superior grip and rotation, the result of an exhaustive design process done in collaboration with a team of ergonomic specialists.

“WHAT’S IN A NAME?” asked William Shakespeare. “Here’s what, Willie,” reply the good folks at Hu-Friedy, as their latest air-polishing marvels make their way to the hands of grateful dentists everywhere.

The first is called the Air-Flow Handy 3.0, and handy it is — with a slender handpiece that offers superior grip and rotation, the result of an exhaustive design process done in collaboration with a team of ergonomic specialists.

The Handy’s a beaut, too; its sleek minimalism calls to mind the look of the original iMac. It offers unencumbered access to the treatment area, and its powder chamber is positioned to enable maximum visibility into the nookiest nooks and cranniest crannies of your patient’s mouth. (It also comes with a one-year repair-or-replace warranty, should said patient bite down hard on it in a moment of anxiety.)

Hu-Friedy recently introduced as well the Handy 3.0 Perio, designed for both supragingival and subgingival applications. Unique to this unit are a special perio handpiece and nozzles for easy biofilm removal in pockets up to 5 millimeters.

Both devices go easily from operatory to operatory, giving you flawless air polishing throughout your practice. That’s the kind of precision and quality that would have appealed to a man like Shakespeare. As Donalbain says in Macbeth, after all, “There’s daggers in men’s smiles.” We suspect this pair of Handy air polishers would have made quick work of that.

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Camera ready? Maybe not at first.

Mike Tyson in 1989 and 2014, Courtesy gettyimages.com.
Look at those pearly whites: Celeb smiles then and now from NYPost.com Page Six.

Caption: Mike Tyson in 1989 and 2014, courtesy gettyimages.com.

Although an array of celebrities proudly embrace their gap-toothed smiles (diastema), the majority of those in the public eye gravitate to more appealing grins.

Need convincing? Compare the “Celeb Smiles Then and Now” from NYPost.com Page Six:



Their aim is true: To deliver success smile after smile


Making sure to “deliver success smile after smile™”. That goal drives the sales team at Benco Dental, the largest privately owned, full-service distributor of dental supplies, equipment, consulting and equipment services in the United States.

Founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, the company has remained family owned and focused on that unique mission. During Benco Dental’s 83-year history, the company has grown from a single storefront location in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. into the nation’s fastest-growing dental distributor, with more than 65 regional showroom locations and five distribution centers in Pittston, Pa., Fort Wayne, Ind., Jacksonville, Fla., Dallas, Texas and Reno, Nev., servicing more than 35,000 dental professionals in 45 states.

In 2010, Benco Dental reached a milestone in the company’s history by unveiling a 272,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and distribution center in Pittston, Pa., including a dental design showroom unlike any other in North America. The CenterPoint Experience combines design, technology and equipment. In 2012, to support West Coast customers, Benco created a mirror image CenterPoint Experience in Costa Mesa, Calif. Both locations provide dentists with the opportunity to get a firsthand look at the latest dental equipment and technology, as well as receive a consultation with Benco Dental’s InSite™ Design team.

Benco Dental provides more supply and equipment options than any other full-service dental distributor, an offering enhanced by a comprehensive suite of services, including office design, equipment repair, practice coaching, financing and real estate planning, wealth management, and dental-specific technology solutions. These services are supported by more than 400 professionally trained sales representatives and more than 300 factory-trained service technicians.

Benco Dental new appointees are featured in the August edition of First Impressions Magazine. Check out the publication:

An opportunity to educate.

Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling endured chemotherapy and radiation treatments as treatment for cancer.

In June, the World Series-winning player revealed his remission, but stayed mum on other pertinent details. Two months later, he announced that it is oral cancer and says he blames the diagnosis on his 30 years of chewing tobacco.

The former Boston Red Sox player said recently that back in June he didn’t want pity or to enter the chewing tobacco debate, so he refrained from mentioning the type of cancer for which he was treated.

In a recent article, Mary Otto @mottomatic, a Washington, D.C.-based freelancer, said: “The ties between smokeless tobacco and baseball run deep. The immortal Babe Ruth claimed Pinch Hit was his chew of choice (as this short film from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds us).”

How does the dental industry weigh in?tlhpstuartprogram08212014 (2)

The Lucy Hobbs Project™ powered by Benco Dental, in conjunction with the Tri-County Dental Hygienists Association will offer “Educate to Optimize Oral Health” November 14 in Stuart, Florida.

Time will be spent learning how to do a self-extra oral intra oral exam as well as chair side screening for the prevention of late stage oral cancer. Then the education will be put into action as the team  provides free oral abnormality screenings to the community at The Women’s Club, 729 Ocean Blvd., in Stuart from 3 to 4:30 p.m.

For details visit lucyhobbsproject.com or call 561-358-7660